Desperate Search: Jessica Ridgeway

Few clues in the disappearance of a little girl last seen walking to school.
3:00 | 10/07/12

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Transcript for Desperate Search: Jessica Ridgeway
we turn this evening to the unsolved mystery in colorado tonight. The 10-year-old girl who vanished without a trace while heading to school. There is a massive search under way this evening. Abc's clayton sandell is in colorado with the first key clue in this case. Reporter: Three days since 10-year-old jessica ridgeway vanished. Today the first real clue. Police recovered a backpack and water bottle they believe might be jessica's about six miles from where she vanished. The backpack has been isolated. The bloodhound is being used. Reporter: Today new teams of scent dogs combed her westminster, colorado, neighborhood. Jessica's mother sarah said she last saw her daughter friday as she walked to school but she never arrived. The school called home but her mother works overnights and says she was asleep missing the call. By the time she discovered jessica missing, eight crucial hours had passed. To give you an idea of the neighborhood, jessica's house is right over there, and this is about the point where her mother would have last seen her, and as you can see, it's only three houses from the park where jessica was supposed to meet with her friends meaning if she very short distance and in a very narrow window of time. Over the weekend, more than 800 volunteers scoured trails and hillsides. Jessica is caught in a custody battle between her mother and father, who lives in missouri. While police say they have no suspects, they're not ruling anyone out. If you look at the number of children that disappear in the united states, they tend to be well over 90% of the time at the hands of a parent or a relative. Reporter: Police say they've gotten hundreds of tips. Now they just want to bring jessica home. Clayton sandell, abc news, westminster, colorado.

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{"id":17419236,"title":"Desperate Search: Jessica Ridgeway","duration":"3:00","description":"Few clues in the disappearance of a little girl last seen walking to school.","url":"/WNT/video/desperate-search-jessica-ridgeway-17419236","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}