New Details on Deadly Encounter at LAX Airport

TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez allegedly killed by Paul Ciancia during LAX shooting.
2:25 | 11/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Details on Deadly Encounter at LAX Airport
New details of that deadly encounter at the Los Angeles airport -- gunman killing -- TSA officer injuring several others. And this evening that new picture of the suspect now emerging policy -- -- -- right here is high school photo a school -- saying he was a loner in class. And new information about the family man he is alleged to have targeted and killed TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez. He's heartbroken wife saying he was proud to work for the TSA. And -- tribute tonight to agent Hernandez lights in TSA blue as you approach LAX airport. Meanwhile inside the terminals remnants of the chaos the mountains of luggage left behind by passengers ordered to flee -- the shots rang out. Our coverage tonight begins -- ABC's David Wright at LEX where he's been since the start. Moments before all this policy -- arrived at LA acts like a passenger dropped off by someone driving a black Sunday. The criminal complaint filed Saturday in federal court describes a cold blooded attack. It says video surveillance showed -- -- walking up to the TSA checkpoint in terminal three. Pulling a Smith & Wesson assault rifle out of his bag and firing multiple shots at point blank range of the TSA officer. Then it says as he proceeded up the escalator he looked back at the wounded officer who in video appeared to move and returned to shoot the officer again killing him the FBI says -- -- gunned down two more TSA officers. As he shot his way through the terminal. He made -- conscious decision to kill. Multiple TSA employees. The FBI says his bag contained five magazine is full of ammo. Along with a handwritten letters signed by Cianci -- addressing the TSA directly saying he hoped quote to instill fear on your traitor his -- The widow of Gerardo Hernandez the 39 year old father of two in the line of fire read a brief statement to reporters outside their home. I am truly devastated. We are all heart broken and -- him dearly. Today those iconic pillars of light the symbols of LA acts are lit TSA blue in his honor. Today things are back to normal here in terminal three Cianci is in a hospital bed just a few miles away said to be -- responsive after a gunshot wound -- the head. If he ever does regained consciousness he'll now be facing criminal charges. Could carry the death penalty.

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{"id":20771842,"title":"New Details on Deadly Encounter at LAX Airport","duration":"2:25","description":"TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez allegedly killed by Paul Ciancia during LAX shooting.","url":"/WNT/video/details-deadly-encounter-lax-airport-20771842","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}