New Details in Hair Salon Massacre

A victim's ex-husband is under arrest in connection with the killings.
2:36 | 10/13/11

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Transcript for New Details in Hair Salon Massacre
New details of -- shattering crime a massacre in which should have been a safe place in a quiet town and what it tells us about women who fear that someone they once loved. Is out to kill them. A troubled ex husband is under arrest in Southern California hair salon shooting that left eight people dead and we learned today that his ex wife told a court she was in danger. It happens all too often on average three women in this country die every day because of domestic violence and one in four will be a victim at some point in her life. ABC's David Wright reports from Seal Beach on this tragic case and the staggering statistics. Today we're learning more about what may have led 42 year old Scott -- to allegedly go on a killing spree at the -- -- salon. His ex wife Michelle worked as a hairdresser there she was among the victims this -- not random act of violence to cry and ex marine who used to work on a tugboat crew. Was a devoted father according to his neighbors to at a -- yet assigned -- in the yard. You know -- wish -- happy Father's Day that you two -- -- He was fighting a bitter custody battle over his seven year old son. The estranged couple had a court hearing just one day before the murders so recently that Michelle -- hadn't even gotten around to putting away the papers. There they are in the back of her car still parked outside the salon. In one document filed with the court in May she described him as mentally unstable and said He threatened at least once to kill himself or someone else. I just think that people are very fragile when He snapped He snapped then. There is no way to make sense -- -- there's just it was just devastating. Most custody fights don't result in mass murder. But a surprising number do lead to domestic violence. Between one and Simoni and women. A yen faked that -- into -- -- assignments. -- so it's it's not him would have went. Steve suite to a local fisherman has nose got to cry for 25 years and liked him. But now thinks He should face the death penalty after what he's put people through. The sorrow and all the people He heard. I've got to say yes. And I hate to say that. The locals refer to this. Places may buried by this C it's a close knit community everybody knows everybody and that only makes a tragedy like this even harder to absorb tonight. The local residents -- -- holding a candlelight vigil here at the makeshift memorial outside the salon.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"A victim's ex-husband is under arrest in connection with the killings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14733405","title":"New Details in Hair Salon Massacre","url":"/WNT/video/details-hair-salon-massacre-14733405"}