3 of 5 Detained Americans Headed Home

The prisoners held by Iran reunite with family in Germany in what President Obama called "a good day".
2:37 | 01/18/16

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Transcript for 3 of 5 Detained Americans Headed Home
extraordinary close to a terrible ordeal for Americans held prisoner in Iran. It ended here on this tarmac in Switzerland, that plane carrying three of them to freedom. And here. The moment one of the most high-profile of those prisoners, a "Washington post" bureau chief finally arrived. Their families and friends anxious to see the faces they have not seen for a long while, some for years. But even as they celebrate, one American who disappeared in Iran years ago is still missing ABC's chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl with new details with the secret negotiations that led to this result. Reporter: Tonight, that first image of freed "Washington post" reporter Jason rezaian greeted in Geneva by a state department official who helped negotiate his release. Also on that flight out off Iran, amir hekmati, the former marine held for more than four years in the notorious even prison. His sister and brother-in-law were all smiles on their way to meet him in Germany. And pastor Saeed abedini, who's been separated from his wife for years. I've been a single mom for three and a half years, and the kids reuniting with him will be a precious moment. Reporter: At the white house president Obama celebrated the prisoners' long overdue release. Today we're united in welcoming home sons and husbands and brothers who in lonely prisoner cells have endured an absolute nightmare. Reporter: The Washington post's Tehran bureau chief was jailed in July of 2014, just six weeks after discussing life in Iran on Anthony bourdain's "Parts unknown." I love it and I hate it, you know, but it's home -- it's become home. Reporter: His mother and wife, now reunited with him, made this tearful plea during his imprisonment. He's been in prison for the -- she's not able to speak to the press. Reporter: His extended family tonight is in Germany. The dramatic day is culmination of 14 months of negotiations. Mostly in Switzerland. U.s. Officials calling the discussions very intense and until a few weeks ago no one knew how it would end up. If Obama administration agreed to pay $1.7 billion in order to settle a more than 30-year-old debt. Not included the the prisoner swap was Robert Levinson. He disappeared in Iran in 2007. Even as we rejoice in the safe returns of others we will never forget about bob. Reporter: They're now at the U.S. Military base in landstuhl, Germany, where they're getting much-needed medical attention. And hope to be on their way home soon.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"The prisoners held by Iran reunite with family in Germany in what President Obama called \"a good day\".","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"36349657","title":"3 of 5 Detained Americans Headed Home","url":"/WNT/video/detained-americans-headed-home-36349657"}