Devastating and Deadly Flash Flooding Across the Deep South

Also, potentially deadly heat in the north extending from Indiana to Maine.
3:16 | 08/12/16

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Transcript for Devastating and Deadly Flash Flooding Across the Deep South
We begin with the deadly flooding cars washed away driver's rescued from rising waters. With blistering heat now moving into authorities warning it could be life threatening. There is a state of emergency in Louisiana tonight an elderly driver washed off the road good samaritans rushing in to save them. This school bus you can see the front and submerge their children rescued. Tonight there are flood alerts from the south all the way up through new England and just a short time ago. Reports that five people were struck by lightning north of New York City three are in critical condition. Rob Marciano standing by with more on that but first ABC's Phillip Bennett tonight where the rescuers are playing out. Tonight deep water turning deadly in the deep south. In Louisiana more than a foot of rain in less than twelve hours. Floods powerful enough to sweep this tractor trailer right off interstate ten. Trapped residents can only wait for help. You can see behind me. There's. Basically. No way to get out. The high water already taking the life of a 68 year old man was swept away east of baton Ruth. In any Louisiana this morning Jordan temple rescuing this terrified elderly driver from his swamped SUV. I just told you know don't panic and carefully I'm gonna get justice lawyers Obama. Risky putting him on his shoulder carrying him to safety struggling himself. The water over their heads. The governor calling in the National Guard a 140. Rescues by noon in just one Paris I'm glad you are okay. Including these men whose boat saying while out trying to save others. Schools shut across the state in Zachary Louisiana this school was was loaded with children when it went off the road students escaped out of the back. This SUV. Going nowhere. And Phillip Bennett with us live tonight you can see the water some of the traffic moving the Philip you were telling us elsewhere cars are needing getting through. Yet David this is one of the few pat. Passable roads here -- for now but it's either rain is still falling this system not going anywhere anytime soon David. A treacherous night ahead Philip and a leading a soft Philip thank you let's get right to meteorologist rob Marciano live here in New York tonight. Tracking those lightning report several people hit and of course the dangerous he now moving in rob. Dated five people injured three of them at least seriously they were sitting on a park bench in Poughkeepsie. When a lightning struck. Underneath a tree take a look at last triage Agassi got cell among others there's a lot of lightly with these storms across the northeast fueled in part by the heat and humidity. New York you're about to get hit next of course the other big stories that stubborn low cross the Gulf Coast. Dumping. Tropical rains much like a tropical storm what across that Peru's -- slowly drift to the west but it's still gonna bring flash point of that area along the I ten corridor. Right through the weekend at least five inches and then some of this is gonna drift up into the mid into the midwest and eventually northeast feeding even more to this moisture. And it's hot heat the humidity will continue to be dangerously warm. It's gonna feel like over 100 degrees again tomorrow look at Philadelphia. 109 and when those thunderstorms pop up as we've seen David they could be dangerous. Never once does stay indoors if they cannon check on their neighbors rob Marciano thanks to you.

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{"id":41344133,"title":"Devastating and Deadly Flash Flooding Across the Deep South","duration":"3:16","description":"Also, potentially deadly heat in the north extending from Indiana to Maine.","url":"/WNT/video/devastating-deadly-flash-flooding-deep-south-41344133","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}