New developments in Colorado ambush targeting police officers

It is revealed that the gunman video streamed the whole attack.
1:44 | 01/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New developments in Colorado ambush targeting police officers
Back here at home, to new developments in the deadly ambush that targeted police officers in Colorado. Four police officers and two civilians were injured and a deputy was killed. Tonight, new details, and new images from inside the home. It turns out the gunman was streaming the whole thing. But we are not going to show the actual video. ABC's Clayton Sandell from Colorado tonight. Reporter: Tonight, we are learning more about the moments just before a gunman ambushed Colorado sheriff's deputies. I need S.W.A.T. Right now. Reporter: In a social media live streams obtained by local station KCNC, 37-year-old Matthew Riehl is seen making incoherent rants to 911 dispatchers early Sunday. At one point, wearing a gas mask. We are only showing you still images, but he even live streams the moment he starts shooting. We have one deputy down inside the apartment. Reporter: Neighbors found themselves in the line of fire. So, this is where it happened? Yes. Reporter: Farook patail was shot when the suspect opened fire. Very loud, very quick? Yeah, it's not one shot, it's like -- Reporter: Several bullets breaking windows and blinds. Putting a hole through his closet door. The bullet still lodged in his shoulder. Tonight, three of the four officers who were shot and wounded are now out of the hospital. But now a community is mourning 29-year-old deputy zackari Parrish, none more than his wife and two daughters. It means so much to hear your stories, because that's what I'm clinging onto right now. So I want to hear about him and I want to soak it in. It's okay, momma. It's okay. Just be happy, okay? Reporter: And David, the sheriff's department here asked that those live stream videos be taken offline. They were, but detectives now have them. They are now evidence.

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{"id":52104490,"title":"New developments in Colorado ambush targeting police officers","duration":"1:44","description":"It is revealed that the gunman video streamed the whole attack.","url":"/WNT/video/developments-colorado-ambush-targeting-police-officers-52104490","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}