Nyad's Triumphant Message About Living Your Dreams

Nyad, 64, finished a 110-mile swim, fighting off jellyfish, currents and exhaustion.
3:01 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for Nyad's Triumphant Message About Living Your Dreams
york. Everywhere we went today americans are talking about 64-year-old diana nyad, the legendary swimmer and her triumph for the ages. She swam from cuba to key west, the first person to do it with no cage to protect her from sharks. It's the fifth try for a woman who says why not live life big. Reporter:35 years we've watched her dreams and her drive as she tried something new, as she broke records, and as tonight she's a little banged up by the water but who wouldn't be? Mid morning on saturday she started swimming, 24 hours straight, 25 miles. Then another 24 hours, more than 80 miles. Every 30 minutes her team would give her some protein gel or peanut butter and honey. She had to take off that special mask to protect against jelly fish. It was cutting her face. As she swam and swam, she countdown in spanish and german. She sang a neil young sang and at night she would follow the light. So depleted by exhaustion she imagined she was seeing the taj mahal. By her side drivers who blocked the sharks with electronic devices. Finally 110 miles later, the shores of key west and the shores of endless possibility. Diana nyad joins me now. Let me say for baby boomers everywhere you rocked it. Let me say back to my fell low baby boomers, you can all rock it. I saw you getting out of the water in key west. Tell us how tired is that? I suffered more than I ever imagined I would coming across and I started to take in a lot of salt water. Once that starts happening, you're losing all your strength because you're burning a lot of calories and sweating and then in the salt water you get tremendously dehydrated. We've always talked about the jelly fish and the sharks and the tide but the salt water im mergs is a huge issue in these kinds of swims. That was the longest swim I ever did. On sunday night my head handler said look over there. I thought it was the sun rise and I said oh, the sun is coming up. At least I can take the jelly fish mask off. She said that's not the sun rise. That's key west. You've always said to me the clock is ticking fast, burn the candle large. The clock is ticking fast. 60s IS NOT TOO LATE TO GRASP Onto even cherish dreams, big down into that potential. I can't tell you how alive it makes you feel. Way to go. Off to the parade for you. That's right. I got to get to the parade. Thank you. Great to talk to you. What a night. Take care.

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{"id":20148555,"title":" Nyad's Triumphant Message About Living Your Dreams","duration":"3:01","description":"Nyad, 64, finished a 110-mile swim, fighting off jellyfish, currents and exhaustion.","url":"/WNT/video/diana-nyads-triumphant-message-living-dreams-20148555","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}