At least 8 have died on slippery roads from Gulf Coast to Northeast

Nearly 3 inches of snow have shut down metro Atlanta, with schools closed Thursday.
3:00 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for At least 8 have died on slippery roads from Gulf Coast to Northeast
south, right up through the northeast. Nearly a dozen dead tonight, and that storm is still hitting at this hour. Several states of emergency, schools shut down in some places. Governors pleading with people to stay off the roads. Accidents right there in Greenville, South Carolina, spinouts shutting down part of I-85 near Jackson, Georgia. Planes crawling at Atlanta's airport. Thousands of flights affected coast to coast. ABC's Steve osunsami leading us off tonight from Atlanta. Reporter: Drivers stuck for hours today on this icy highway in Houston. They did what they had to do to get off. People are turning around, trying to get off the freeway because they are stuck. Reporter: Driving the wrong way up an entrance ramp to get home. Police warn tonight that if you crash on the ice, it can be deadly to get out of the car. A driver here was killed when he walked out of this wreck on interstate 45. He was struck by another sliding vehicle. From the gulf coast to the northeast, at least ten people have died on slippery roads, including an 8-month-old child, when this car outside new Orleans crashed into a canal. If we can use this as a lesson, a reminder to stay out of the weather today. Reporter: Nearly three inches of snow has shut down metro Atlanta. This was I-85 north of the city, turned into a parking lot after a crash. The city and its schools will still be closed tomorrow. Even funerals have to wait. Our local station, WSB, caught this picture of a unicorn today. Salt trucks here are as rare as the snow. Wheels are spinning, unless you have an SUV, it's just very difficult. Rr: In North Carolina, two women in this car slid into a creek and had to be rescued. This is definitely a storm you want to sit inside for. This is something I wouldn't want to fight with. Reporter: Even NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. Crashed his car, helping this family. And even he was warning drivers out there today. Steve with us from a very snowy Atlanta tonight. Steve, the national weather service calling for more freezing temperatures tonight in that region? Reporter: That's right. Another miserable night of freezing temperatures is expected to last just one more day. And to put this I perspective, David, it is colder here today in Atlanta than it was in Anchorage, Alaska. There are hard freeze warnings up from Texas to Florida. David? That puts it in perspective. Colder in Atlanta than Anchorage. Steve, thank you. When will the deep freeze end? What's the track of the system right now? Let's get to rob Marciano. Hey, rob. Reporter: Hey, David. It's even a little bit warmer here in New York than it is in Atlanta. Not by much. The snow has stopped here, but it's still coming down in the Carolinas and in Virginia. Take a look on the radar. A solid swath of four to six inches west of Raleigh. Could get a couple in the next couple of hours. Winter storm warnings remain posted in that area through midnight. But that hard freeze warning that Steve spoke of, the deep south, all in it tomorrow morning. Temperatures in the teens and 20s. Nothing is going to melt in Houston, in Baton Rouge. Tomorrow morning, David, much of the south will once again be at a standstill. Rob, thank you, as always. We're going to turn next

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Nearly 3 inches of snow have shut down metro Atlanta, with schools closed Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52420069","title":"At least 8 have died on slippery roads from Gulf Coast to Northeast","url":"/WNT/video/died-slippery-roads-gulf-coast-northeast-52420069"}