Disgraced Ex-Rutgers Coach on His Behavior

Mike Rice discusses the lessons he learned from seeing his abusive behavior on tape.
2:31 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for Disgraced Ex-Rutgers Coach on His Behavior
Next tonight an abc news exclusive, looking at yourself and seeing it on tape, and then seeking a second chance. You remember the college basketball coach, the bullying behavior caught on camera? Well tonight in his first television interview, he tells abc's robin roberts about the moment he had to face the truth. Reporter: Sunday afternoon, here on the jersey shore, 15-year-old michael and his dad shooting a few hoops in the driveway. A college basketball coach you had likely never heard of before mike rice was featured in the highlight reel seen round the world. Take a look at this shocking video, a basketball coach attacking his players. Reporter: Rutgers university coach mike rice losing it. Kicking players in the rear end. Hurling balls at their heads, and their groins. Smacking them with foam pads. Ranting, swearing, even screaming homophobic slurs. Rice became a punch line on saturday night live. You put it through that hole and I won't hit you with the bat. Reporter: When the story exploded, so did mike's career. I met him and his wife kerry last week for a no holds barred conversation. When it became public, what was your reaction? One of embarrassment, of shock. Of sadness, that I would put myself in a situation like this. Reporter: How do you defend throwing a ball at players, the verbal abuse, the anti-gay slurs? You don't. It's unacceptable. Something that I'll never get over. Reporter: Do you think that you were a bully? There were some actions that were certainly -- that were bullying, yes. I thought it was necessary to get my team or that individual to be tougher. Reporter: Under intense pressure, rutgers university fired mike rice. I let so many people down, my players, rutgers university, the fans. Reporter: Most difficult, owning up to those kids. How did you talk to your children about this? We talked a lot about, um, daddy made some mistakes. Daddy's always working on getting better. What I'm most proud about, and this is a lesson he's also told my children, there's no blame here on anybody else. You can see the rest of robin's story on a special 20/20, the tape they can't erase tonight at 10:00 eastern.

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{"id":20834430,"title":"Disgraced Ex-Rutgers Coach on His Behavior","duration":"2:31","description":"Mike Rice discusses the lessons he learned from seeing his abusive behavior on tape.","url":"/WNT/video/disgraced-rutgers-coach-behavior-20834430","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}