New Documentary, 'Blackfish,' Gets Response From Sea World

Scathing reaction to film that highlights the treatment of whales in captivity and their trainers.
1:27 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for New Documentary, 'Blackfish,' Gets Response From Sea World
Ron claiborne, abc news, boston. As we head into this weekend, a film is opening a documentary taking a story we reported in the news. The death of a trainer at seaworld, killed by the animal she loved. Tonight, a big reaction to what we've been learning. Here is linsey davis. Reporter: Forget movie critics, the documentary blackfish is getting scathing reviews from sea world. The zoological park calling it shamefully dishonest, deliberately misleading and scientifically inaccurate. Blackfish telling the story of tilikum. A performing killer whale that's been associated with three deaths while in captivity. Most recently the 2010 death of the seeworld trainer dawn. From playful to tragic, tilikum unexpected pulls her into the water, ultimately killing her. What led to that fateful moment is the premise of the new documentary. We thought killer whales are friends. We don't understand why a killer whale would essentially bite the hand that feeds it. Reporter: The film questions what triggered this aggressive behave seaworld is calling that and other claims egregious and untrue. He became entrusted in the novelty of the her ponytail, grabbed it and pulled her into the water. A her death, a tragic remiernd of the mystery of these whales. And still ahead here on "world news," real money team

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{"id":19719347,"title":"New Documentary, 'Blackfish,' Gets Response From Sea World","duration":"1:27","description":"Scathing reaction to film that highlights the treatment of whales in captivity and their trainers.","url":"/WNT/video/documentary-blackfish-response-sea-world-19719347","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}