Dolphins Wash Up on Shore in Cape Cod

Scientists and volunteers brave cold waters to help save Dolphin's lives.
1:30 | 02/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dolphins Wash Up on Shore in Cape Cod
There is a desperate race to save dolphins were washing up on the shore in record numbers to more just today. The scientists and volunteers braving the cold waters off of Cape Cod want to rescue them they also want to know why this is happening here's ABC's TJ -- The pictures from -- caught our heart breaking. 118. Dolphins beating themselves in just the past two -- is the largest single species stranding ever in the northeast. All the mammals can survive bottled water for several hours it's often -- race against the clock -- back to -- 84. Not survive. Cause of this -- remains a mystery. Was -- the dolphins are searching for food. These are off -- animals and their parents are there aren't sure when the tides two outs in the water level drops these animals. -- -- mature and become stranded. The International Fund for Animal Welfare has saved 31 dolphins. Even outfitting them with satellite tags so they can monitor their progress -- -- you take out. Right now -- one special patient here is fighting for more than just herself. He began doing -- our health exam. And sure enough we discovered that the the dolphin was pregnant -- probably a third trimester chapel. She like the other survivors was released back into deep water -- how to create -- it. Not knowing where mother nature will take them next TJ Winick ABC news.

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{"id":15514765,"title":"Dolphins Wash Up on Shore in Cape Cod","duration":"1:30","description":"Scientists and volunteers brave cold waters to help save Dolphin's lives. ","url":"/WNT/video/dolphins-wash-shore-cape-cod-scientists-volunteers-brave-cold-waters-us-15514765","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}