Donald Trump Jr. Answers Questions About Melania's Controversial Speech

Find out the key issues the presumptive presidential GOP nominee's son will highlight in his speech at the RNC.
5:49 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Jr. Answers Questions About Melania's Controversial Speech
Donald Trump's oldest son Don junior will address this convention tonight in the tens of millions of course watching at home. This afternoon behind the scenes one on one we asked him about the stakes for him tonight. At about what's responsible from a lot of the trumps words echoing Michelle Obama. So you want a piece airs tonight will announce under the stage well you're used to speeches like it gives us any other dealers and not just listen and he'll play get nervous right before. Feel confident about my father I'm confident in our message there will be millions was wanting I was just as they were last night. A lot of people are now when into the speech. Your dad's wife gave last night along. But did you write your speech and it tonight I didn't know help we'll look we have obviously what's. A speech of this level of despair and we're not politics extra we're not political wonks. So we have people would do we have to infuse you know and they worked with us and we've you'll look through it and stuff like that with our Brothers and sisters. You know and obviously some people that do this for a living but I think you know you end up with sort of a block and and you have to. Making your own I knew that you have now seen comparisons side by side of long term speech next to Michelle Obama's little sort of a little bit visited him yet season. But you've seen you've seen its notice there. What do you make of the striking some players. Let's you know I don't think there was anything in there that's. That novel and times of those particular lines mean when she talks of an immigration which talks about her someone tossed about having gone through that process legally. To me that was supposed much more stretching you weren't bothered by I don't I says consumers are pretty common words in there you know honestly there was no novel thought in that net. Of course when you work with speechwriters and some and it perhaps something get this openly and honestly what I was more concerned about what it was more. Proud of her about was. Be able to get on that stage having never done this before and be able to deliver a speech without much confidence that much emotion. From made neighbors honest about the delivery I think a lot of people think the delivery was spot on. But she did say in an interview that she wrote the speech now wishes it was she wrote as much as a possible. It now and again for speech of this. Magnitude to say you're an actor to have speechwriter notes that he had a hard time doing and I speak daily read it's it's it's very different who did write the speech. Her I I don't know I don't know. Does anyone in the campaign now. I don't I don't I didn't go that far because there are words like plagiarism out there today Corey it would just be used to be with the campaign has said that Paul Mann a port signed off on that speech. He should go. Ellison course that a lot of things these days trying to guess remain a part of a campaign pulls an incredible job to campaign Stanley totally backs him a level of organization and professionalism. He's brought to the campaign in the past few weeks and months has just been outstanding there are reports out there that your father is furious. About what's followed malign his speech. Sandy I think you used obvious race. I haven't spoken on it today have been real. Dealing with a double Olympic today you don't and I have islands voted six has now I haven't last night I watched some last night at nearly eleven as he was going off on a motorcade I had to do what's up with. Pennsylvania gun delegate from New York so there's obviously doesn't want it to happen I think he's just very proud of the job that she didn't delivery do you believe that Michelle Obama is owed an apology independently because of the similar reasons to speeches I don't know I don't know that Michelle Obama you know whoever is involved I don't think I'm at I don't think this assuming of that magnitude amenity. I understand from the media perspective trying to create a much bigger story out of something and it is but. Yeah I really had no apology I've I don't. Do you think it heads should roll. Should somebody be fired inside the camp you know I. I don't know the president knew people encampments and again obviously a speech of that size magazine you're gonna work with speechwriters I don't know that they should be you know involves going forward to you suspect your father's angry that somebody allowed. Right as I lottery is not thrilled about the situation. But. We're gonna move on I was on the convention floor yesterday yes I. The divisions that still remain inside his Republican Party you have the never trump to stop I'll miss I get we've saying I saw how the media do you know when they lose votes. It what is it 88 to twelve in the you know everyone's trying to see all these guys and the politicians that they hold their credentials and they they wait for the camera to turn on them and they throw them on the floor like they're seated me much honestly I think it's guys looking for a few minutes of airtime. What is the most optimistic. Note you hope to meet tonight. So I just want to talk about my father's great American and it's built an incredible business Qaeda can bring common sense which is just been totally. You know lost in government and in DC when you dance beats here later in the week. Again the whole family will be here any doubt in your mind at Milan each from. Welcome back students and demand no doubt whatsoever Canada Canada continent but tonight David thank you very much time letters and. I doubt his mind lot of you trump will be back here in the hall this week Donald Trump junior with me tonight and as we said the official roll call. Of states is under way right here in the convention hall a big effort tonight to bring this party together. After the division we saw here on the floor just hours after the convention started yesterday the question tonight. Well everyone come on Boortz what's down the hall ABC's Jonathan Karl tonight he's near the Utah delegation eight Donovan evened so far. David this is it's this is the point of no return for the Republican Party as you mention plant near the Utah delegation. Forty of these delegates are for Ted Cruz many of give them ways the last ditch effort to try to stop Donald Trump but they know that when this voting now under way is over. Donald Trump will have won the Republican nomination I wouldn't be surprised if we see some last minute efforts to wage dissent about this expressing disapproval. But this is it Donald Trump was warning. Like Jon Karl on the floor job we'll see a couple of hours of prime time we are here all week long world news tonight Nightline and Good Morning America all live from Cleveland. And that network's special report every night at 10 PM eastern gulf between George in the entire powerhouses will team later tonight at of course gavel to gavel coverage like street.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Find out the key issues the presumptive presidential GOP nominee's son will highlight in his speech at the RNC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"40714126","title":"Donald Trump Jr. Answers Questions About Melania's Controversial Speech","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trump-jr-answers-questions-melanias-controversial-speech-40714126"}