Donald Trump Wins Big in the South Carolina Primary

With a win in S.C., Trump is now the clear favorite to win the Nevada caucuses.
3:21 | 02/22/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Wins Big in the South Carolina Primary
And we begin with fast-moving developments in the race for the white house. Tonight, we learned of a key resignation on the republican side, amid the bigger question at this point, can anyone catch up to Donald Trump? Trump winning big in south Carolina, after a major win in New Hampshire. And no republican who has won both New Hampshire and south Carolina has ever lost the nomination. Still, trying to catch up tonight, senator Marco Rubio, who finds himself at war with Ted Cruz. And tonight, senator Cruz asking a key member of his team to step down after what's been called a dirty trick. And here are the Numbers as we head into the Nevada caucuses tomorrow. Donald Trump, 26 points ahead. Rubio there in second. ABC's Tom llamas leading us off from has say has. Reporter: Tonight, Donald Trump feeling so confident about the primaries, he's talking about his white house. You're going to say, "Please, please, Mr. President. We can't stand it anymore. We don't want to keep winning. We can't stand it." And I'm going to say, "I don't care. We're gog to keep winning. We're going to make America great again." Reporter: The billionaire not just winning South Carolina, but winning big. We won with highly educated, pretty well educated and poorly educated. But we won with everything. Tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. We just won. Reporter: And tonight, the republican party facing facts. That if trump wins Nevada, and romps on super Tuesday, he may be unstoppable. Several party leaders now rallying around senator Marco Rubio as the best chance to take him out. After tonight, this has become a three-person race and we will win. Reporter: But Rubio now splitting the anti-trump vote with Ted Cruz, and tonight, the tension between the two senators boiling over. It's every single day that something comes out of the Cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. Reporter: Rubio furious after Cruz's communications director Rick Tyler spread a false report that in this video, Rubio disparages the bible, telling a young Cruz staffer there are not many answers in it. Rubio says that's an absolute lie. I know exactly what I said to that young man. I said, the answer to everything question you'll ever have is in that book. Reporter: Tyler apologized, but for Rubio's its not enough. Who's going to be fired when Ted Cruz is president? Because this campaign now has repeatedly done things that they have to apologize for and no one's ever held accountable. Reporter: Late today, Rubio getting his wish. This morning, I asked for Rick Tyler's resignation. I had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. Reporter: But late this evening, Rubio lashing out at Cruz and at trump. I don't care how much you think they're funny or how interesting they may sound, if we nominate someone that 4%, 50% of our party can't stand, we are going to lose. And Tom llamas with us live from Vegas tonight. And Tom, you heard what we said there at the top. No republican who has won new Hampshire and South Carolina has lost the nomination. Is this party ready for the possibility of trump as the nominee? Reporter: Well, David, I can tell you today, several prominent republicans came out and endorsed senator Marco Rubio, including bob dole. The establishment clearly rallying around Rubio and they are not ready to give up. This, as today, senator Ted Cruz publicly acknowledged for the first time, attacks on his character could possibly weaken his chances against trump. David? Tom llamas back out on the campaign trail for us tonight. Tom, thank you.

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{"id":37123162,"title":"Donald Trump Wins Big in the South Carolina Primary","duration":"3:21","description":"With a win in S.C., Trump is now the clear favorite to win the Nevada caucuses. ","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trump-wins-big-south-carolina-primary-37123162","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}