Donald Trump's New Campaign Team's Next Big Test

Trump takes aim with new ads as he gears up for the debate with Hillary Clinton.
2:28 | 08/18/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump's New Campaign Team's Next Big Test
We turn next here tonight to major development in the race for the White House now Donald Trump and his new campaign team at the top now balancing they are behind in the polls. After an uncomfortable moment on cable TV when asked about the polls you'll see it here they also acknowledge their now preparing to debate Hillary Clinton in that crucial first debate. ABC's Tom downs in short. Today Donald Trump sticking his law and order persona to a shooting range firing an assault rifle while it has suit tie. We just want to read. He. The GOP nominee impressing a North Carolina sheriff and I guess they've made. I will have to take his work or cameras not allowed to document from the sharpshooter. The Manhattan billionaire shaking up its campaign and now starting an uphill climb though some of his longtime aides refused to accept he's gone. You say it's not a shake up but you are down. And it may says he'll that there would. Sales. Most of them all of them. Says hope. Polls I just told you I answered your question okay which polls. All of them okay but now his new campaign manager Ed Liddy trump is an underdog. It helps is to be a little bit behind and we are. In lakes of fire under arrests and it reminds us what we need to do to get this done. The wrist still call it the first debate. I'm opportunity for trump to turn things around with millions watching. Well look very much forward to a variety like being off the coast and I've been an eleven debates and never debated before my whole life as a debate. Today Conway says trump will hold his first debate prep session this weekend more than a month before the showdown. They've already selected someone to play Hillary Clinton but they won't say who. And Tom Davos with a slot tonight from Charlotte and Tom Hillary Clinton was in New York City today meeting with some of the nation's top police chiefs. Her meeting you could say about law and order some order trumps today but there's also news at this hour top about the Clinton foundation. David today former President Bill Clinton made a major announcement saying the Clinton foundation will no longer a step. Forward or corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president. This comes as house Republicans have wholesale investigation. Essentially calling the Clinton foundation a capable play operation let. Sell access. Clinton she vehemently denied that David Cobb got a split us tonight on the campaign trail thanks com.

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{"id":41499858,"title":"Donald Trump's New Campaign Team's Next Big Test","duration":"2:28","description":"Trump takes aim with new ads as he gears up for the debate with Hillary Clinton.","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trumps-campaign-teams-big-test-41499858","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}