Dow Hits an All Time High

Record day on Wall Street as Dow surpasses 15,000 points.
1:10 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Dow Hits an All Time High
today. Now, we turn to the other big headlines tonight, starting with another record day on wall street. The dow ascending to an all-time high again. Closing above 15,000 points for the first time. Abc's chief business correspondent, rebecca jarvis, shows us what this milestone means. Reporter: The stampede on wall street reached a new milestone today. The dow is now up a staggering 130% since hitting rock-bottom in march 2009. In real terms, if you invested $10,000 during the worst of the great recession, today, you'd have more than doubled your money to almost $23,000. The winning streak on wall street is now over four years long. That means this bull market run is about six months longer than normal. But it's still five years shorter than the best run ever. So, the question, now, is where do stocks go from here? Well, I spoke to traders here at the new york stock exchange. And they say they're using history as their guy. This is the strongest start to a year since 1991. And back in 1991, stocks rose an additional 10%, diane? All right, rebecca. Thanks so much to do you.

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{"id":19129091,"title":"Dow Hits an All Time High","duration":"1:10","description":"Record day on Wall Street as Dow surpasses 15,000 points.","url":"/WNT/video/dow-hits-time-high-19129091","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}