Dramatic New Video of Cleveland Kidnapping Rescue

First glimpse of freedom caught on cell phone video as Cleveland police pry open captive?s door.
2:25 | 05/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dramatic New Video of Cleveland Kidnapping Rescue
Cleveland where those three young women are balking this holiday free for the first time in a decade. And tonight here to major headlines in this case first dramatic new video under from the moment police arrived after -- at 911 -- today. There they -- the front door rushing to the scene. Across the street you can actually see Amanda Berry holding her six year old daughter just minutes after making that brief call. Tonight we're hearing from our real Castro's two Brothers who were arrested and then freed. So many asking what did they know ABC's -- -- in Cleveland again tonight. Our first glimpse at those tense moments when Cleveland police wide open the front door of aerial Castro's home. Bringing -- -- of his shoes and Michelle not. The rescue caught on cell phone video by -- -- own interests -- a ball -- when they noticed commotion and pulled over. Police detectives. And -- -- came out of nowhere. It all unfolds just moments after Amanda Berry and her six year old daughter escaped and ran across the street. I -- my camera to -- the that's her old baby right. Today we learned the women are spending their first Mother's Day in ten years with their loved ones and filled with gratitude for the generous assistance. And loving support of their family. Friends in the community. Through their attorney we are also hearing directly from the women themselves. In a statement to his -- says I just -- time now to be with my family night writes I am healthy happy and say. Barry saying I am so happy to be home with my family. Her grandfather making the drive from Tennessee -- before she disappeared he had promised her this Dale Earnhardt edition Chevy Monte Carlo. -- playing here from their government car. I live upper world on October -- that -- tonight we are hearing from aerial Castro's Brothers. Who were initially arrested with him but later released. In an interview with CNN O'Neal and Pedro Castro say they had no idea what was happening in their Brothers home. -- You have with -- can't do anything. If -- know. I -- imported brother or little brother. And in that interview the Castro Brothers say they worry people always think they played some sort of role in all of this.

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{"id":19164812,"title":"Dramatic New Video of Cleveland Kidnapping Rescue","duration":"2:25","description":"First glimpse of freedom caught on cell phone video as Cleveland police pry open captive?s door.","url":"/WNT/video/dramatic-video-cleveland-kidnapping-rescue-19164812","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}