Dreamliner Jet Returns to Skies After 'Perfect' Flight Test

Boeing's fleet makes comeback after redesign of battery system and safety features.
1:37 | 04/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dreamliner Jet Returns to Skies After 'Perfect' Flight Test
After a crucial test for that troubled Boeing dreamliner the Jumbo jet bowling -- hope would be the future of air travel at this -- those jets. Are getting ready to take off again so what was the fix and did they ever really figure out what was -- that battery system. Here's ABC's of people Fujita tonight. The dreamliner took to the skies over Japan today -- home to half the world's fleet. The successful flight testing its new battery system in Africa the first commercial 787 flight in four months. A welcome sign for a fleet plagued by problems. Well there's been nothing that's truly life threatening. But if he -- the -- you've had a bunch of technical snafus that have made things difficult. This 787 was supposed to revolutionize air travel. But the dreamliner has been one big headache since lithium ion batteries used to power the planes while on the ground. Overheated back in January. -- -- -- -- -- -- This fire on a Boston tarmac in smoke on board a flight in Japan prompting an FAA investigation. Boeing redesigned its battery systems adding more insulation and a nineteen -- to prevent the risk of fire. And -- only -- -- its fix that battery problem the company admits it may never determine what caused the overheating. Because the batteries were -- badly -- We closed the battery and stainless steel cage to ensure should there be a problem is isolated will be able. -- safe operation. The FAA has -- United Airlines the only American carrier to resume commercial flights next month. But convincing passengers the dreamliner is safe -- be a big challenge.

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{"id":19062604,"title":"Dreamliner Jet Returns to Skies After 'Perfect' Flight Test ","duration":"1:37","description":"Boeing's fleet makes comeback after redesign of battery system and safety features.","url":"/WNT/video/dreamliner-jet-returns-skies-perfect-flight-test-19062604","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}