Drones Fly Above US

Planes equipped with cameras look down on American neighborhoods.
2:41 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Drones Fly Above US
As we said there's something new in the sky above America tonight something we only expect to see in Afghanistan. Unmanned -- homes with -- -- looking down on American neighborhoods and piloted by people who may just have learned how to do it the last couple of days. ABC's senior national correspondent Jim villas in Grand Junction, Colorado to show us. The drones and how they are flying about parts of the US. They are the terrorism fighting robot heroes of Afghanistan and Iraq. Silent predators of mideast guys now launching a new American aerial assault at the hands of domestic law enforcement. This is a search -- Here in Grand Junction, Colorado the mesa county sheriff's department has one of the 300 FAA permits many of them issued to law enforcement to fly drones over US soil. Fixed wing and rotary style drones they carry cameras to track suspects and back up patrol officers. They are easy to fly similar to a video -- these sheriff's deputies who learned to fly them at a two day seminar now deploy them from the trunk of their squad car. But I have to -- control. Even a novice like -- can keep -- -- -- with two joy sticks. This helicopter using a heat seeking camera can search for a warm body when a child is missing and a big field. We're very cold day with with a -- with disabilities. And we have a larger -- -- One of the strong points about the drones is that you can find people people who are missing people who are hiding even though you can't see me on the ground. To the drone. On purely visible -- -- -- -- now. Some worry about privacy issues we don't want a situation where every time you walk outside your front door you have to look up and wonder if you know some and the skies tracking your removed. This is -- Kaminsky. For the use of drones is already expanding beyond law enforcement this realtor in LA uses -- helicopter drone to videotape majestic properties. No uses its two. Monitor glaciers but the airline pilots association fears chaotic dangerous guys -- drone operators learned their craft in just days. Of their lobbying for full pilot training and -- so commercial pilots -- -- them. Without that. The airspace is not as safe without that there's a potential to have -- -- run into an airplane. But police agencies across the country are raring to fly convinced the technology that takes -- al-Qaeda will soon track American criminals. -- model -- ABC news Grand Junction, Colorado.

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{"id":15652786,"title":"Drones Fly Above US","duration":"2:41","description":"Planes equipped with cameras look down on American neighborhoods.","url":"/WNT/video/drones-fly-us-15652786","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}