Ebola: Heightened Alert Across America

Six people in the United States tested for signs of Ebola, Dr. Brantly showing signs of improvement.
4:25 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Ebola: Heightened Alert Across America
We begin with the extreme caution across the country tonight, on the look out for ebola. One patient in isolation after being tested in New York City. The CDC telling Dr. Besser tonight that since the outbreak began, about a half dozen patients were tested right here in America. There's also news about the experimental drug used to treat Ta American doctor infected, now back here in the U.S. He is showing signs of improvement, communicating with his wife through a glass window. The doctor surprising everyone when we saw him walk out of the ambulance and into that hospital. Dr. Besser is standing by with what he's learned. First ABC's Steve osunsami in Atlanta leading us off. Reporter: While physicians in Atlanta fight to save the life of Dr. Kent Brantly, administrators at mount sinai in New York saying that they, too, might have a patient sick with ebola. A male patient walked into their emergency room with a fever and gast gastro intestal symptoms. Last week mount sinai showed us how they were preparing. We see people with symptoms like that all the time but we don't see people with those symptoms and who have traveled to west african countries. Those two things raise our level of concern. Reporter: Only 40% of ebola patients survive. Doctors are hopeful Dr. Brantly will be one of them. He climbed out of this ambulance in a full biosuit and walked into emery hospital. He's been taking an experimental drug that we're told is working wonders after he was on the brink of death. Today we learned his fever is lower. The 33 doctor from Tennessee had just moved his family to Liberia. His aid organization tells us that he and others at the field hospital were infected by someone who was sick on their cleaning crew. Nancy writebol is seen here. She got sick, too. She's on a flight to Atlanta tonight in the same specially outfitted transport that moved Dr. Brantly. She, too, received a dose of the experimental drug, and her condition is improving. Nancy is able to walk around. There's some signs of strengthening. Reporter: We saw the ambulance that will drive her to the hospital scoured down by paramedics after moving Brantly Saturday. The bleach that I'm smelling is because we're dealing with ebola. Correct. After writebol is hospitalized they'll throw away or burn protective covers and blankets used inside. All the drapes and barriers that we put in there will be discarded and burned. Burned? Absolutely. It would be incinerated. Reporter: The disease has already killed almost 900 people in three african countries. A sick person flew from Liberia to Nigeria and now the doctor who treated him is also sick. Tonight Dr. Brantly's wife is here with him in Atlanta, but she cannot hold her husband's hand. She has to speak with him through a phone and through a thin glass. David? Steve osunsami leading us off tonight. Thank you. I want to bring in Dr. Richard Besser. You were telling me you talked to the CDC today and they revealed they've tested at least a half dozen patients around the country for ebola. They had all traveled to that hot zone? They all had symptoms that were consistent with ebola and that's exactly what you want to see happen. In the meantime, I want to turn to viewer questions. One viewer tweeting me today, what was in the experimental si serum given that the doctor who has come back to America? That contains three factors that go after ebola. It's never been tested in humans. It's encouraging that he's getting better but we don't know if it's because of that drug. Is there any reasonable way to prevent transmission around the world, given international travel? This is a real concern, rich. Because you can have this virus in your blood without showing signs for weeks, we can see cases pop up. To totally knock it out we have to get together as a world and knock it out in west Africa. To the other developing

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Six people in the United States tested for signs of Ebola, Dr. Brantly showing signs of improvement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24840908","title":"Ebola: Heightened Alert Across America","url":"/WNT/video/ebola-heightened-alert-america-24840908"}