Holiday Cheer: Job Growth

Consumer spending increases, housing market rebuilds and unemployment falls.
2:37 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Holiday Cheer: Job Growth
Economy holiday trifecta sent the stock market up nearly 3%. Consumers are spending the housing market is stronger and most important new jobs are being created we learn today that unemployment has fallen in 43 states. ABC Cecilia Vega is here to show us where the jobs are coming back and -- Cecilia. Good evening George no it hasn't looked this good in a really long time it's been four years since the start of this Great Recession and finally tonight there is proof. The jobs are coming back to nearly every corner of this country. -- -- holiday gift of the best time just about every state in the country saw unemployment drop in November. Nationally the country has seen 100000. Or more new jobs added every month since July that hasn't happened since before the start of this great. Recession is this going to stick for the United States I think we're going to see continued. Job growth and reductions in the unemployment in the country as a whole. The brightest spot in the entire country right here in North Dakota where more people are back to work than anywhere else. In unemployment rate 3.5. Percent. Far below the national average of eight point 6%. Needs help wanted signs and job fairs are everywhere. What's behind it and oil boom that's creating work in every field from farms to factories and people like mark Luna are cashing in. In Arizona it would took at least thirty days just to get an interview. -- -- -- All clear -- states like Nevada with a staggering 13%. Unemployment rate things are looking up most of the country. Alabama's governor who saw one of the steepest unemployment drops in the country last month sold less today his State's boom comes from new jobs in auto manufacturing and aerospace. And you think this is gonna stick for Alabama this kind of -- We have. State they're really. Recruits industries especially manufacturing industries there's. Whether it's -- rebounding housing market or new jobs in the oil industry economists say this time it could stick. Stupid -- -- Ohio new jobs from a natural gas reserve could mean work for the unemployed as early as this spring. -- -- -- As of today 32 states have unemployment rates at or below the national average in George. Economists say that's -- and more jobs could be coming online and even more importantly more people headed back to work in the months ahead.

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{"id":15201439,"title":"Holiday Cheer: Job Growth","duration":"2:37","description":"Consumer spending increases, housing market rebuilds and unemployment falls.","url":"/WNT/video/economic-holiday-cheer-job-growth-15201439","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}