Second EF-5 Tornado for Moore, Oklahoma

Both the 1999 and 2013 tornadoes followed virtually the same path through the Oklahoma town.
1:54 | 05/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Second EF-5 Tornado for Moore, Oklahoma
I don't know what that is. America, meet nancy. At 94 years old, she can tell a story that perhaps no one else in the world can tell. She has lost her home to a tornado -- twice. Both right here on this same spot. This is not your first time. No, I was here in '99. Reporter: Here in '99. THAT INFAMOUS DAY, MAY 3rd, WHEN The fastest winds ever recorded inside a tornado, topped 300 miles per hour. Trampling an 18-mile path through moore. That stunning resemblance to monday's path. And right there, where the deadly paths cross -- miss davis's house. This was nancy's house before. This is it now. This is the cellar where they rode it out and skur vifed. Twice. Two times in that cellar do you know anyone, or are you the only one? I am. Reporter: She thinks she is the only one. And, according to that study, she is one in 100 trillion, those long odds your home gets hit by an ef4 tornado twice. I'm so thankful god was with me. Both times. Reporter: The woman with a one in a million charm -- you're still taking that picture. And I'm grinning. Reporter: Grinning despite her one in 100 trillion odds. Nancy tells us that she d want to rebuild again, despite all of that. And oklahomans know in general, including the people in tornado alley, as we know it, they got a better shot than most of the world at seeing tornadoes. There's a reason. It's the geography. Watch this. As moisture from the gulf of mexico pushes up, you have cooler, drier air from the west alost. Those two ingredients mix together and often and unfortunatelily make for devastation.

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{"id":19228895,"title":"Second EF-5 Tornado for Moore, Oklahoma","duration":"1:54","description":"Both the 1999 and 2013 tornadoes followed virtually the same path through the Oklahoma town.","url":"/WNT/video/ef-tornado-moore-oklahoma-19228895","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}