Egg Donors on the Rise

Pretty young women from good colleges are paid thousands for their eggs but at what cost?
3:00 | 11/04/13

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Transcript for Egg Donors on the Rise
Robitussin nighttime. Don't suffer the coughequences. Experiment has been under way in america. In the last ten years there has been a huge 74 percent rise in young women donating their eggs so that strangers can have babies and a lot of them were recruited because they're well educated or because of the way they look. So we decided to look more deeply into this exploding trend. Do we really know the consequences? "Nightline" co anchor cynthia McFADDEN INVESTIGATES. We know how healthy donor eggs can be. 5,000, $10,000 says this ad. If you are a model, $50,000. Does it make you nervous? At this point it's my 6th time. I don't really get nervous anymore. Reporter:29-year-old anna cain is a freelance writer who says she's made over $60,000 as a donor. As far as you're concerned there is no reason not to do this? No. Reporter: Today is egg retrieval day, the culmination of weeks of hormone injections to stimulate her ovaries into producing more eggs than normal. Dr. Joel is her doctor. Is a donation essentially risk free? Nothing is risk free. There is risk of the procedure. I think the right answer is yes, it's essentially risk free. Reporter: There is a rare condition found in less than one percent of patience, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. 27-year-old emma smith, not his patient, was so sick with it she spent six days in the hospital and shot this video diary. Fiefl that they should have gone out of their way to make me more away of the side effects of the process. Reporter: Dr. Jennifer schneider worries there is no registry to track these women. Her daughter jessica was a three time egg donor who died at 31 of collin cancer. The egg donors are not considered patience. They're considered venders. She wonders if the repeated hormone injections fuel cancer in some way even though studies suggest there is no proof it causes cancer. We were shocked to discover there has never been, not even one, long term study of egg donors. It doesn't worry you that there haven't been studies done? Not really. Reporter: Anna says she loves the idea she's already create three sets of twins and hopes there will be more. Reporter: What we can say right now is there are no known long term medical issues for donors which is of course a world of difference from saying no long term issues. Follow up studies could help. No national data base on this? Nothing. Thank you. And a 3,000-year-old mystery

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{"id":20783828,"title":"Egg Donors on the Rise ","duration":"3:00","description":"Pretty young women from good colleges are paid thousands for their eggs but at what cost?","url":"/WNT/video/egg-donors-rise-20783828","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}