Egypt Holds Historic Elections

Most populous Arab nation votes in first democratic election.
3:09 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Egypt Holds Historic Elections
And we have two big stories to tell you about from overseas tonight a crisis in Pakistan for protesters are burning American flags. And didn't -- the most popular Arab countries today they finally held democratic elections. This week anchor Christiane Amanpour is right here to give us all the big picture on both but first let's get the historic news from Cairo with ABC's -- -- Even before the polling stations opened they came in their thousands. We don't know what elections -- you have no idea it's company isn't pleasant that the Packers -- For the first time in nearly sixty years longer than most here have been alive Egyptian people are choosing their own leaders. Like well I know that never. The line stretches as far behind in every one -- Here's -- us that they don't mind waiting as the ones that feel that their voices will be her. People have figured out that they have rights people -- Didn't sit back in January when egyptians first rose up against this -- -- if you would have predicted this day. And then in recent days violence again. Yeah. -- -- Revenues diminish he did not hand over power asked -- and protestors went back to the street. It's making today's peaceful election that much sweeter I have -- -- to. Uses. And -- they will continue to fight for. -- has an ABC news Cairo. There it is on the finger once again and Christiane Amanpour is here. A hard one day in Egypt but let me ask you about my question for the US -- is this good for US interest. As the election seems to be -- I think so you know that finger reminded me of when -- altogether in Iran and they've raised the purple -- and everybody knew. A new date -- -- When we would -- back nearly a year ago now we saw these people lusting for freedom and democracy and all the kind of things we have yet now they're on their way to getting it. What's going to happen is the street is going to have more of a voice in foreign policy now. So the days of when the United States could expect the dictator to do its bidding. A pretty much over but but there's no doubt that the people -- also friendly to the United States so little more persuasions -- -- -- -- involved here let's move out of the crisis in Pakistan of course because the airstrike that killed 24 pakistanis. Where is this had -- all right this is a disaster what's going on in Pakistan between Pakistan and the United States is really heading for a very bad place. Now it looks like the United States is beginning to have submit that it may have been at -- he has restored the formal investigation. But a whole year of diplomacy trying to get Pakistan to help with the transition in Afghanistan which is why the US needs. Pakistan is potentially at risk is by -- on -- saying it won't go to the big. Conference is scheduled in bombs and also not so far from now -- to -- getting more so thank you Christine.

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{"id":15043791,"title":"Egypt Holds Historic Elections","duration":"3:09","description":"Most populous Arab nation votes in first democratic election.","url":"/WNT/video/egypt-holds-historic-elections-15043791","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}