Egyptian President Faces Protests Over Draft Constitution

Alex Marquardt on latest developments from the presidential palace in Cairo.
1:22 | 12/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Egyptian President Faces Protests Over Draft Constitution
And now we head overseas. Take a look at the size of this protest today in cairo, egypt. Tahrir square, tens of thousands of protesters reeling from tear gas but determined to send a message to the world about their new duel over democracy and abc's alex marquardt spent the day right there in the middle of the action. Reporter: They came by the thousands, hurling stones, pulling down barricades, even commandeering a police van. As they got closer and closer to the palace, police fired volleys of tear gas and retreated. "Leave, leave," they chanted. As the masses grew, president mohammed morsi left the palace. Ever since the revolution that captivated the world, egypt has struggled on its road to democracy. Two weeks ago, president morsi gave himself unchecked powers -- he says, to put egypt on a democratic path. There was outrage on tahrir square. We were there. No one here believe s morsi when he says these powers are just temporary. They say they traded one tyrant for another. Then a surprise -- his allies rushed through a new constitution. Critics say it could make egypt more islamic and doesn't do enough to guarantee freedoms, including women's. Egyptians will have a chance to vote on this new constitution in two weeks. Tonight's protesters could boycott, but for now it looks like it will go ahead and the president very well may get his way. Alex marquardt, abc news, jerusalem.

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{"id":17879725,"title":"Egyptian President Faces Protests Over Draft Constitution","duration":"1:22","description":"Alex Marquardt on latest developments from the presidential palace in Cairo.","url":"/WNT/video/egyptian-president-faces-protests-draft-constitution-17879725","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}