Election Day Follow Up

Big surprises and what it means for Americans over the next few years.
2:11 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for Election Day Follow Up
The results are in from a big day in democracy and voting in this country. Republican governor chris christie won in new jersey thanks to women, hispanics and democrats who preferred him. IN VIRGINIA terry McAuliffe won beating out his tea party opponent. It was a close race so what were the big surprises tonight. Joining me george stephanopoulos. I always love the surprise. What did you see yesterday? Actually in this new york RACE BILL dE BLASIO WON BY Almost 50 points. He was struggling in the middle of the pack for so long. We're going to show his family, narrated by his son dante who had a dramatic after row. You see it right there. Once that ad aired he broke out of the pack, never looked back. I think it's the most effective political ad I've ever seen. You were saying gang busters and this is beyond. Beyond. Modern american family there. What about chris christie? Immediately puts him in the top tier of the presidential conditioned for 2016. Big questions ahead, can we travel outside of new jersey and how is he going to handle the tea party who has such influence in those early primary states. Meanwhile in virginia kind of a flip. You saw cuccinelli not do very well with women, was hurt by the government shutdown, was falling FAR BEHIND terry McAuliffe but in the closing weeks of that campaign he talked about nothing but obama care, really closed the gap right there. That has a lot of democrats anxious. George stephanopoulos weighing in on yesterday's results. Thank you, george. The verdict is also in on ballot initiatives we told you about last night in houston, the iconic 48-year-old astrodome will probably be demolished. In colorado voters said it's time to tax legal marijuana, a big tax, 25 percent, and much of that will be used to help build new schools.

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{"id":20810218,"title":"Election Day Follow Up","duration":"2:11","description":"Big surprises and what it means for Americans over the next few years.","url":"/WNT/video/election-day-follow-20810218","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}