Elite College Caught Cheating

Administration under fire for trying to boost school's ranking.
2:27 | 01/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elite College Caught Cheating
A cheating scandal has erupted at one of America's most elite private colleges and as we said it's not the students who were cheating but the administration of the school. Trying to boost the school's ranking it is a scandal raising new questions about the value of those magazine lists. Here's ABC's Abbie Boudreau. I Claremont McKenna College students live by a code of honor. But today educators at this prestigious liberal arts college outside Los Angeles admitted they -- the ones who had been cheating. For six years the school submitted false data to the critical US news and world report. Whine about the average math and reading SAT scores of their students. Inflating them by ten to twenty points each there's a violation of trust people in this country think that colleges and universities are supposed to be. You pillars in our society US news a tool depended on by families. Had been ranking Claremont mechanic in the top ten of liberal arts colleges in the entire country. Today's cheating scandal could change that today's students there who pay a yearly tuition -- more than 55000. Dollars. We're trying to come to terms with what their school had done. -- -- do think it's sort of a double standard yeah definitely. They should be of -- -- Why would a school -- experts say every not to school can rise in the rankings is critical. Proceeds matters to these colleges and what they did in -- -- better students. They attract better faculty. They attract more money. More money from proud -- eager to again. But while millions of students and families rely on ranking lists to make that crucial college choice. It turns out publications like US -- rely on universities to be honest. It's impossible to really check to see what the schools are reporting and so oftentimes. You don't see outright lying. On the numbers the -- do you see some institutions trying to gain the system. The school blames the entire incident and one bad administrator who's been. Fired the unnamed administrator who inflated those scores is now gone still the college has declined our request for an interview. They said in a letter to students and staff that they take this situation very seriously and that they will conduct an independent investigation. But tonight a college that prides itself on teaching its students -- itself learning a valuable lesson. Abbie Boudreau ABC news Claremont California.

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{"id":15483962,"title":"Elite College Caught Cheating","duration":"2:27","description":"Administration under fire for trying to boost school's ranking.","url":"/WNT/video/elite-college-caught-cheating-15483962","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}