Elliot Rodger's Father Discusses His Son

Father of shooter who killed six people talks about how he had no idea about his son's mental state.
2:17 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Elliot Rodger's Father Discusses His Son
ABC news exclusive tonight. You'll remember this face -- Roger the gunman from that shooting Rampage -- UC Santa Barbara last month killing six wounding thirteen others. And the chilling videos he left behind so many asking were there warning signs. Tonight hear his father speaking for the first time with Barbara Walters who asks did he know his son was sick. How are you. Every night I -- to -- -- -- -- And I think of those young men and women that have died. And -- injured. On the terrorized. -- my. Son. Did that. My son coolest. So much pain. And suffering for so many companies when you wake up and running what do you think. It's like to reserve reversal in this situation when you get to -- normally. You have a nightmare and you wake up and -- everything's okay. Now I can sleep. I might have an extreme. And I wake up and it's only. The truth -- what happened. Don't tell me and and that is money. My -- was enough smoke. You did not think. That -- was suicidal. Are certainly -- homeless. There's no way I -- that this boy could he had to flee I mean. This is. This is the most unbelievable thing -- -- I don't get is. We didn't see this coming apple did you know. That he was sick and -- This is the American. Horror story -- the world horror story is when you have somebody. Who on the outside is one thing and on the inside. Is something completely different and he doesn't see it. And barbers with us here now and Barbara wanted to get back to something he just said to you he said we didn't see this coming at all -- a lot of people who we're gonna say. We saw the videos of their -- -- that they cannot see any warning signs. Well they knew -- son was toppled they even thought that he might want to take his own life. They never thought that he would want to kill -- -- -- This is gonna find a lot of people much more tomorrow night in the meantime he told us -- -- that time and again with special assignment it's great to have you back to. Not -- wouldn't.

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{"id":24326286,"title":"Elliot Rodger's Father Discusses His Son","duration":"2:17","description":"Father of shooter who killed six people talks about how he had no idea about his son's mental state.","url":"/WNT/video/elliot-rodgers-father-discusses-son-24326286","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}