Emotional Homecomings for Kidnapped Cleveland Women

New details emerge on the brutal treatment they reportedly endured for 10 years.
5:11 | 05/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emotional Homecomings for Kidnapped Cleveland Women
Tonight we begin with three women who are changing our idea of human strength and endurance. We are learning the searing details of what they endured in that cleveland house for ten years. But tonight we're also seeing their joy in life and homecoming, to families who prayed for this day and this picture says it all. gina DeJesus, hiding her face, but flashing a thumb's up, as she rushes forward into the arms of loved ones. Abc's david muir has the details of the horror they once lived and the heaven it is to come home tonight. David? What a difference. I can tell you first thing inside this courthouse ariel castro will be charged with several counts of kidnapping and rain. And his two brothers, being held in in case, will not be charged. This community need the homecomings today given the dark details we learned about what happened inside that house. We warn everyone tonight, it is difficult to hear. It was an extraordinary moment, one of the original missing posters with amanda berry's face hanging out front and the new poster which read, wish it, dream it. Today a community welcomed her home. As you can see, this is the moment this community has been waiting for for ten years -- amanda berry coming home. Inside that van, amanda berry and her 6-year-old daughter, her young face shielded by everyone from the darkened windows. Then theyear-old is carried into the house. Her sister emerging, overwhelmed by the applause from neighbors lining the street. Her sister, difficult to hear, but thanking the community. Reporter: And not far from HERE, gina DeJesus, abducted at 14, walking home from middle school. Today emerging from this van, giving that thumb's up. The crowd cheering her on. Her mother nancy and father felix. I want to thank everybody that believed, even when I said she was alive, and believed. I knew my daughter was out there alive. Yes! I knew she needed me, and i never gave up. That's right! Never gave up searching for her. Reporter: The spirit of these homecomings so desperately needed given the darkness about what we learned about what they endured in captivity. They were often locked up, first the basement, them upstards, not together, but they knew of the other women in the house. Chains and locks have been recovered from the home. Police believe the three women were sexually aassaulted repeatedly. They left the home only twice, to go to the garage in disguise. In all that time they never left the property. This week, they said, was their first opportunity to escape. The only opportunity after interviewing the young ladies, to escape, was the other day when amanda escaped. They don't believe that they've been outside of the home for the last ten years. Reporter: And tonight abc station wews has learned from a law enforcement source, that inside the home, the oldest victim michelle knight, said she was pregnant five times. Telling police that ariel castro punched her stomach repeatedly every time so she would lose the babies. And that amanda berry gave birth in a small pool inside the house. That it was michelle who helped deliver the baby who is now six. Hello? Amanda. Reporter: Overnight, amanda calling her grandmother who asked about that new great granddaughter. Glad to have you back. I thought you were gone. Nope, I'm here. The little girl is your baby? Yes, she's my daughter. Born on christmas. Reporter: Tonight in a one-on-one interview with cleveland's police chief, rerevealed to us that the ever person to ever leave that home with ariel castro was that little girl. Reporter: Did she ever leave the house? She did leave the house. I have information that she did leave the house occasionally with the suspect. Reporter: That is the first time the police chief revealed that fact, that ariel castro would leave that home, leaving all those victims behind, they never left the property during the ten years, but he left the home with the 6-year-old girl on a number of occasions, taking r out in public. Staggering to hear this. What about the reports and rumors there might have been a fourth young woman at some point? Reporter: Yeah, there's a lot of talk about ashley summers, missing since 2007. Police have been in contact with her family and they are investigating, but the police chief telling me just before we came on tonight, that he does not believe there's any connection to this case. But he made it very clear that ashley summers case is still open tonight.

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{"id":19137777,"title":"Emotional Homecomings for Kidnapped Cleveland Women","duration":"5:11","description":"New details emerge on the brutal treatment they reportedly endured for 10 years.","url":"/WNT/video/emotional-homecomings-kidnapped-cleveland-women-19137777","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}