Communities Offer Re-Training Programs to Keep Jobs

Unemployed workers can receive re-training as long as they promise to take the job offered them at the end of the program
2:04 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for Communities Offer Re-Training Programs to Keep Jobs
tonight and new jobs numbers revealing 88,000 jobs created last month. That was way down from the 268,000 the month before. Tonight, one formula that might offer hope, communities promising to retrain workers if they also promise to take the job waiting for them when they're done training. Here is gio benitez. Machine to get unemployed right into the workforce. Here in new york city, adults of all ages spend full days training at a place called general assembly. It's half technical school, half job recruiting office. Kathy chang graduated from a top university, studying business, but couldn't find work for months. So she came here to study web development. So you were quite literally learning so you could get a job? Absolutely. I think everyone in my classroom was learning so they could get a job. Reporter: Kathy was recruited right here on site. Some look for a new start, new life. You're here to say it is possible to reinvent yourself? I mean, here you are, doing it. It is possible. Reporter: Could this be a new formula for training those out of work for the jobs that do exist? Even if it's something they've never done before? There was a new factory our made in america team took you to upstate new york, david taking us into the training lab where half of the students in the room had already been promised jobs. They were learning to make microchips to power our smartphones, laptops and electronics. The company, global foundries skipping over europe and siore to build in malta, new york, in part because that community promised unemployment workers just waiting to be trained. 1300 new jobs later, even driving into work was hard. We had major traffic jams just because so many people trying to get to work. Reporter: Now looking to create traffic jams elsewhere like that training program where kathy has already been offered work, too, even before she was done training. Good for her. Software developing jobs are expected to grow 30% in the next few years. And economists say communities that find a way to retrain their

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{"id":18897589,"title":"Communities Offer Re-Training Programs to Keep Jobs","duration":"2:04","description":"Unemployed workers can receive re-training as long as they promise to take the job offered them at the end of the program","url":"/WNT/video/employees-train-technical-experience-hiring-chances-18897589","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}