'End of Illness': New Book Talks of Potential

Bill Weir examines the possibilities in Dr. David Agus' radical new book.
7:21 | 01/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'End of Illness': New Book Talks of Potential
Big news about the holy Grail of Madison ending illness by preventing disease not just treating it after it happens there is a new book by one of the nation's most admired doctors. It is creating headlines and all this week every single program at ABC news. He's going to report on his clarion call about preventing illness how our bodies are sending all of us signals well before we feel sick. Here's ABC's Bill -- He's been called a rock stars of science the doctor Lance Armstrong and Ted Kennedy called when they got sick. And kept Steve Jobs alive for years against all odds. And in his radical new book doctor David -- suggests that the end of illness won't come from miracle cures. But smarter living. He thinks we can prevent disease altogether. Using science we already have says McCain is no yourself I think he -- -- -- -- expects -- yourself. And so the first is establish metrics and even doctors in division -- day understood that help comes from -- system in balance. And Agassi as your system is constantly sending you clues when it is out of balance red flags that are literally at your fingertips. If your ring finger is bigger than your index venture. They're almost twice as likely to get us to arthritis if you're a woman finger -- correlates to testosterone exposure you grow. So of that ring finger is longer ladies regular stretching or yoga will take care -- -- down here and -- keep an eye on your ankles. If all -- -- we're done here that -- you know circulatory problem. Luckily my ankle -- OK so far but does it starts falling out I know not asked my doctor about the possible need for a blood thinner. Okay next -- how comfortable are your shoes. Because while those heels look amazing. Your aching feet are trying to send you a deadly serious warning. Aching feet knee inflammation inflammation in the long term is bad. Heart disease for cancer heard the region of diseases those -- today it actually has a lot of affecting the joints in the day a week a year that starts. -- finally your watch may be the best healthcare device you care. Because eating and sleeping at these same time every day even weekends. Helps ward off disease. If you have your lunch today at noon and tomorrow to -- cock for two hours to stress hormones you bicycle. So the more -- you make your schedule the better you can perform both physically and mentally during the day. He wants you to think of yourself as a system so many parts interconnected and if you can track your health. But the same attention you give your investments your favorite team or celebrities. They'll be more empowered when you go to the doctor so much technologies that can keep you from getting sick -- at. But it only works if you have your own data to put into that system and what you learn about yourself when your conscious. Could save a life and again he's calling at end of -- -- of illness what what we have now waiting for radical -- what we have now.

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{"id":15374185,"title":"'End of Illness': New Book Talks of Potential","duration":"7:21","description":"Bill Weir examines the possibilities in Dr. David Agus' radical new book. ","url":"/WNT/video/end-illness-book-talks-potential-15374185","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}