The Endless Winter on Both Sides of the Country

Snow and rain expected to pound the West as the East is plagued with potholes.
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Transcript for The Endless Winter on Both Sides of the Country
And two major weather headlines developing this evening. The third storm about to hit the east this weekend. The forecast on that in a moment. But first, in the west. Where families have been warned to start conserving their water in this history drought. Look at this. A real mess, but this is the one part of the country where they are welcoming it tonight. Hoping it brings relief. Still didn't make any any easier to drive in it all. ABC's Clayton Sandell tonight with the pictures. Reporter: Extreme weather is pounding the west. In Portland, Oregon, whiteouts on the runway and havoc on the highways. I think I'm in a lane right now. You think you are? I think I am. Reporter: It's pouring in Sacramento, California. Yeah, they look great. We need more of them, though. Reporter: A welcome sight to rancher don Debernardi. 90% of the state in a severe drought. Take a look at this California reservoir, normally, and now. Here's another, before, and today. California's agriculture industry says water restrictions are threatening $11 billion in revenue, 40% of agriculture and processing jobs and half a million acres of farmland too parched to grow any crops. All of that could soon drive up food prices at your local supermarket. The storms will drop as much as four feet of snow, up to five inches of rain. The national weather service says you'd have to fill this bucket to make up northern California's rainfall shortage. But this storm only bringing about this much. Port land! Reporter: The storms will bring a little fun. But when it comes to quenching the drought, it's still just drop in the bucket. Clay to be Sandell, ABC news, Denver. Clayton, our thanks to you. And now to the third system set to hit the northeast this weekend. This after that state of emergency already in Pennsylvania. At its peak, hundreds of thousands in the dark and cloud. Crews working on miles and miles of downed power lines today. We turn to Cecily Tynan here tonight, and first of all, bring us up to date on all the families in the dark. As of last record, 270,000 are without electricity. That's down from 17715,000. But this is their third cold night without electricity. In the meantime, talk about the next system. A third storm in just this week? That's right. The good news is, we're not looking at a monster snowstorm. The setup, we've got one low pressure across the gulf coast. Another one across the midwest. If these two merge, it would become a big northeast snowstorm. However, they'll both work to the east. What this means, we're talk about light snow from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. About a coating to three inches. But you know, for a loft people here, even light snow is too much. So, David, the countdown is on. 41 days until spring.

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{"id":22420188,"title":"The Endless Winter on Both Sides of the Country","duration":"3:00","description":"Snow and rain expected to pound the West as the East is plagued with potholes.","url":"/WNT/video/endless-winter-sides-country-22420188","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}