Buried Treasure

Americans are searching the fields in England for troves of treasure.
1:47 | 12/18/11

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Transcript for Buried Treasure
We -- before Christmas and it turns out some great gifts have already been on copper using some good old American metal detectors ABC's nick -- in the UK -- Christmas. Come early. Gigantic trove of treasures -- under England's fields isn't year old viking silver was just unearthed -- this week. Displayed at the British Museum. Fifty -- I was and Roman coins were founded single. Two years ago multi million dollar stash of ancient -- That's like this band of Americans brandishing metal detectors. And -- England every year search -- Richards in the -- it is an addiction. But it's an addiction of the good -- Jimmy Sierra is 81 years old still hoping to his duties in -- that speaks I just oh. This it's complete medieval moon maybe 600. Years old I get goose -- -- things like this really -- -- I got out. He -- find anything that oh. In northern California is something that I am not sure road. When you look at an evening accident on the -- drove no. Internet 2000. Year old mother of pearl -- right. The most amazing part of all these guys give all their treasure away. To music I don't -- anything. -- sell anything nothing. They have pleasures and -- but whenever -- -- I'm. Heard a noise dug a hole -- it but it isn't just a piece of junk. Next time maybe. The next. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15185203,"title":"Buried Treasure","duration":"1:47","description":"Americans are searching the fields in England for troves of treasure.","url":"/WNT/video/england-treasure-gold-hunt-fields-15185203","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}