Erin Brockovich Investigates Girls' Tics

Activist looks into mysterious disorder affecting students in upstate New York.
2:27 | 01/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Erin Brockovich Investigates Girls' Tics
Now I truly strange medical mystery students in upstate New York most of them girls coming down with strange tics even verbal outbursts. Is -- -- disorder are kind of -- stereo or. Is the cause and effects in their backyard. Tonight activist Erin Brockovich has launched her own investigation ABC Lindsey Davis is an upstate New York. -- -- Parker was the sixth teenager in this rural town to come down with a strange symptoms. And a I've never heard of anything. Like this throughout our interview her right arm continually jabs the air I can't stand for more and about two minutes so -- in a wheelchair. And my vocal. And take everything everything gets really bad at -- what most frustrates you. That I don't have any answers. -- and I've been doing tasks and tasks and tasks. MRI -- he g.'s blood tests and nothing's coming up. Fourteen girls and one boy all from the same high school are now exhibiting odd ticks verbal outbursts and paintings -- I personally have never seen anything like this before his -- Very remarkable. Doctor Jennifer make big has treated most of them. She believes this is a form of masked Psycho genetic illness. -- rare but real disorder usually found in young women Wear an emotional response to some event is converted into a physical symptom. Yeah but now entered the famous environmental activist Erin Brockovich with another -- In 1971. Ton of cyanide and other toxic chemicals were spilled from a train just three miles from the future high school. After -- -- rock speculates that when the school was built in 2003. That some of that contaminated soil may have been used during construction. Lydia doesn't believe the cause was environmental. Or psychological. But to people who think she's making she points out the -- bruises on her face. This one is from feigning and I have my -- and I. Back post and that's why -- I an opinion myself in the face of my phone the National Institutes of Health don't think she's faking either. -- they want to evaluate Lydia and the other victims couldn't. Lindsey Davis ABC news LeRoy -- New York.

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{"id":15460840,"title":"Erin Brockovich Investigates Girls' Tics","duration":"2:27","description":"Activist looks into mysterious disorder affecting students in upstate New York.","url":"/WNT/video/erin-brockovich-investigates-girls-tics-15460840","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}