Evacuations in Syria

Fatal shelling in Syrian city of Homs; women and children evacuated.
2:29 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Evacuations in Syria
Deadly fighting in Syria secretary of state Hillary Clinton was center stage a gathering of more than sixty nations to decide how to stop Syrian -- -- assault on his people. They pledged to tighten sanctions and travel bans some Arab nations proposed arming the rebels a -- the US opposes Secretary Clinton stood firm. I am convinced. That -- days are numbered I'd just regret deeply. That there will be more killing before he finally goes. And while they deliberated there was new bloodshed in the city of homes at least 22 dead as the shelling intensified. But there was also some hope. For weeks thousands of civilians have been trapped desperate for medical help. Today that help arrive ABC's -- -- part is on the border of Syria tonight. Amid the bombings -- -- group today it was given safe passage to collect a few. Thousands reportedly wounded inside homes. Which has been under relentless assault by Syrian forces for three straight weeks I was -- -- have rocket attacks yesterday but these journalists who were seriously injured in the attack that killed veteran American war correspondent Marie Colvin on Wednesday. Reportedly refused to leave yesterday they issued these videos -- asking for help. But today activist told -- they demanded that the International Red Cross come get them out along with the rest of the wounded still track. Constance -- -- -- appears to have given away to street battle. -- -- We can't verify these video's authenticity. Today in these hills along the border we met the man who -- -- can bring down the Syrian regime if the world will help them. They're young one was just eighteen with little military training. A sub -- -- Yale Assad and his family are like the mafia this fighter says. We rise up because we want our freedom and democracy. It's not humanitarian aid or sanctions they're asking for. They want -- weapons big weapons from anyone a development that was not what can an AK 47 he asks do against attack. For all the world's talk about helping Syria these young men say they see no help -- margin was overblown we know were on our own sense. Only god is with us Alex Marquardt ABC news the Turkey Syria border.

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{"id":15787593,"title":"Evacuations in Syria","duration":"2:29","description":"Fatal shelling in Syrian city of Homs; women and children evacuated.","url":"/WNT/video/evacuations-syria-15787593","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}