Extraordinary Rescue Efforts Underway For Colorado Flood Victims

Army helicopters scan wreckage for homemade SOS signs, families wait for help.
1:46 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for Extraordinary Rescue Efforts Underway For Colorado Flood Victims
And now we move on tonight to the extraordinary rescue mission in colorado, families stranded by the floods trying to send their homemade sos as simple as a white cross on a lawn. Here's abc's ginger zee. This is there. Reporter: Scanning from the sky for signs of life -- today, soldiers spotted this white cross on the ground outside a jamestown house -- a help signal from the people inside, who came running out. We're pulling these two out. Okay, guys, roger that. Reporter: One of the soldiers drops down out of the chopper and airlifts the couple to safety. Tonight in colorado, the mission is clear. The mission is search and rescue. We went house to house with fema making sure nobody was still inside. There are still homes like this hardly holding on, at least 300 still unaccounted for. Chopper crews were saving pets and people with 600 still believed to be stranded in the mountains. Crissie sibbits and her family made it out of lyons just in time. Right now the town is done. The bridges are gone. Reporter: We join the civil air patrol for a damage assessment from above. We saw homes on islands, rivers five times their normal width, roads severed. Just like one of those shattered roads going into estes park where dwyane and shirley batchman live. Are you nervous to see your house. I'm nervous to see my cat. Reporter: Unable to drive in, they make the two mile hike. What do you think when you see that? Devastating. Reporter: When they finally get there, a long awaited reunion. This is why we had to come home. Reporter: Ginger zee, abc news, ft. Collins, colorado.

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{"id":20286862,"title":"Extraordinary Rescue Efforts Underway For Colorado Flood Victims","duration":"1:46","description":"Army helicopters scan wreckage for homemade SOS signs, families wait for help.","url":"/WNT/video/extraordinary-rescue-efforts-underway-colorado-flood-victims-20286862","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}