Extreme Heat in Southwest Turns Deadly

Toddler dies after parents accidentally leave the 15-month-old boy in hot car.
2:09 | 06/09/13

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Transcript for Extreme Heat in Southwest Turns Deadly
heat. Record highs have now turned deadly. And this evening here, a warning, now, for parents, after a toddler died after being accidentally forgotten in a car. The boy's parents, bringing the groceries inside, each thinking the other had the child. Abc meteorologist ginger zee on the heat and how quickly the temperature in your car rises with the summer temperatures now here. Reporter: Extreme heat in the southwest turned deadly. She grabbed the baby. And just screaming. He's not breathing. He's not breathing. Reporter: A 15-month-old boy was accidentally left in this suin fresno, california, for over an hour. He died. The temperature outside, 101. The mother and father each thinking the other had brought him inside. Temperatures inside a car can rise 20 degrees in less than 30 Watch the temperature in this demonstration. It's 98 degrees outside. But 186 inside the car. In arizona this weekend, a boy scout leader died from heat stroke while hiking with boy scouts around lake mead. And two high school graduations in california turned disastrous. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a true emergency. We have nine critical patients. Reporter:15 people rushed to the hospital. And in brentwood, almost two dozen people knocked out by the heat. On the other side of the country, it's not heat but rain, forcing evacuations. Employees at this restaurant in florida found fresh cracks in the walls this morning, caused either by seven inches of rain last week or a possible sinkhole. This is only four miles away from that devastating site of an accident last spring that killed a man when his home collapsed into the ground. Abundance of caution there and out west tonight with the heat. You say the system is on the move, ginger? Right. It's not over. And now, it's going to be for more folks. The heat starts in denver tomorrow. That will be a record high. Cheyenne will see a record high. Phoenix plenty hot. Las vegas, slightly cooler. They're 112 yesterday. But look at the next couple of days for some of the big cities. Denver, I want to focus in on. They almost get to 100 tomorrow. They stay in the mid and UPPER-90s. And here's the problem, david. Combined heat, day after day. That's going to be dangerous, if not deadly.

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{"id":19361265,"title":"Extreme Heat in Southwest Turns Deadly","duration":"2:09","description":"Toddler dies after parents accidentally leave the 15-month-old boy in hot car.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-heat-southwest-turns-deadly-19361265","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}