Extreme Storms: Floods, Fires and Mudslides

People across the country are trying to deal with dangerous weather that is devastating homes and lives.
2:25 | 08/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Storms: Floods, Fires and Mudslides
Millions of commuters are on the road and facing a wet and wild ride post cards now from the flood zone in the midwest cars stalled. One man had to use a kayak. And firefighters battle a blaze while wrestling in the water and further west of Washington State powerful rains triggered a mud slide. ABC's meteorologist ginger Z is tracking and offer us. Floodwaters surrounding an inferno in Indiana cutting firefighters off. More than ten inches of rain swallowing a swath of the Hoosier state. This same front forcing rescues this morning in Chicago officers pulling this -- from his submerged car almost four inches in just over an hour. Closing interstates and schools I woke -- about ten to four and there was water in my basement. I walked outside there's water -- -- street where we're standing was covered. Flash flooding from New York to Pennsylvania just some of the weather reduced blows across the nation probably the most insane thing I've ever seen as just. Ankle deep to knee deep depending on where you're standing in southern cal. Poignant and remarkable view a wall of dust known as -- her boob swallowing the horizon in -- ominous time lapse. From the ground that frightening wave blinding drivers the dust storm fueled by winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour. In the northwest it was much. Remember the Carlton complex fire earlier this summer in Washington State -- that charred land now giving -- an inch of rain falling in just under an hour. Leaving a mud -- five feet deep and wider than a link of a football field washing away a house replacing it with this -- It's terrible summit -- Crews clearing roads and restoring power. And there are severe storms breaking out tonight from Kansas to Colorado even tornado warnings in Idaho but let me take you to a place where I think we will see some headlines Montana. And not just because of rain Diane but I want to show you we actually have a winter weather advisory. That's right winter weather advisory could see 103 inches above 7000 feet. Purple color their means winter and in the southeast the purple means heat and humidity. Big time -- heat index values going into tomorrow afternoon twelve states with heated -- it's one of the range of temperatures in August thanks so much ginger --

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{"id":25093111,"title":"Extreme Storms: Floods, Fires and Mudslides","duration":"2:25","description":"People across the country are trying to deal with dangerous weather that is devastating homes and lives.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-storms-floods-fires-mudslides-25093111","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}