Severe weather continues to batter South and East

EF1 tornado confirmed to have touched down in Maryland.
2:31 | 08/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe weather continues to batter South and East
We move next to the extreme weather. N newly released images of that tornado in Maryland. They confirmed it was an ef-1. 105 marp wins, and water rescues. These images from Houston. ABC's Stephanie Ramos in Salisbury, Maryland tonight. Reporter: Tonight, torrential storms inundating the Houston area the morning commute bombarded by up to 8 inches of rain. Drivers abandoning their cars, a father and his two sons stuck in this SUV. People nearby pushing and pulling the family to safety. Gotta help him out. You see a guy stranded with his kids, go get him outta there. Reporter: Dangerous weather now extending across the gulf to the east coast. Where an ef-1 tornado winds up to 105 miles per hour struck Salisbury, Maryland Monday. Terrifying surveillance video showing debris landing in a parking lot. A car going airborne and another vehicle tumbling into the street. The twister, at times more than a football field wide. The front porch sheared off this house. Residents say it all happened so fast. I mean we didn't have time to form an emotion. There was no time for fear, there was no time for anything. Reporter: David, the national weather service says there were no significant injuries reported, but that ef-1 tornado that destroyed this building behind me is the second twister to hit the state in two weeks, David. All right, Stephanie Ramos. A difficult story, but great to have you on the team with us. We want to bring in rm almost. He is tracking it for us. Hey, rob. Reporter: We're looking for more of the heavy rain across the south, and the flooding rain across Texas begins to slide east. Everything south of the front is humid air, coming off the gulf of Mexico. They have the potential for heavy downpours, but the watches are in Mississippi and Alabama. Rainfall will be there for the next 24 to 36 hours, tadavid. You're watching the tropical storm slamming into X many, the popular vacation spots? Reporter: Tropical storm Franklin making its way across the yucatan peninsula, about to end up in the gull of Mexico. It's making a second Mexico landfall early Thursday across Vera Cruz, and potentially at hurricane strechbt, David. Rob Marciano with us tonight. Our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"EF1 tornado confirmed to have touched down in Maryland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49099433","title":"Severe weather continues to batter South and East","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-continues-batter-south-east-49099433"}