Extreme Weather: Deep Freeze Strikes West

In places where tourists go to beat the cold, temperatures drop below freezing.
3:20 | 01/12/13

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Transcript for Extreme Weather: Deep Freeze Strikes West
with what seems to be a backwards weather picture emerging. Record warmth across much of the east. Take a look at the map. Out west in phoenix, it will be g. Reno, nevada, 9 degrees. Back east, pittsburgh will be 66 tomorrow. 30 degrees above normal. Columbia, south carolina, nearly 80. And in california tonight, farmers, like this one near fresno, are struggling to save their crops from the cold. Standing watch at night. Some farmers with fans blowing warm air on their field. Meteorologist ginger zee standing by with what's causing this. But first, clayton sandell is in the heartland. Reporter: Overnight, temperatures again fell into the 30s IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Farmers are working around the clock to protect multimillion-dollar citrus crops. We have a defense system set up for the cold. To try and protect whatever we can, but also, mainly to keep the field warm. Reporter: At the beach in santa monica, tourists wondered what happened to the sunshine? We expected it to be a little bit warmer, but my mom just came back from san francisco a month ago, so she told me, it wasn't as hot as we could imagine. Reporter: That cold now pushing east. Storms slamming parts of utah with almost 4 feet of snow. It was really heavy. Reporter: Temperatures from montana to minnesota, never got above 0. For the broncos/ravens playoff game in denver, toe warmers and layers, all part of the game plan. Two pair of socks, two pair of pants, believe it or not, I'm all in here. Reporter: It may be hard to believe on a day like this, but the cold reality the planet is getting warmer thanks to climate change. 2012, the hottest day ever recorded in the u.S. Meaning over the long term, more days like this. Here in denver, temperatures are 30 degrees colder than average. The fans at today's sold-out game, have to be die-hards, because the high temperature only 16 degrees. David? Clayton, thanks to you. Ginger zee is here with us. What's behind all of this? This is an arctic cold front. Atlanta broke records. They were 76. Haven't done that in 123 years. Look at the map for tomorrow. This is going to continue. We play game, find the cold front? It's not that tough. New york city and washington, d.C., Will be close to 60. It's going to be really a warm day. D.C. Closer to 70. The cold air is staying in phoenix around and below freezing through midweek. You're getting reports of severe weather already? We have heard tornadoes reported. We'll get more images coming in. But I have seen some. It's incredible what this clash of air masses can do tonight. Tonight, arkansas, under a tornado watch until midnight. You'll have the pictures

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{"id":18199694,"title":"Extreme Weather: Deep Freeze Strikes West","duration":"3:20","description":"In places where tourists go to beat the cold, temperatures drop below freezing.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-deep-freeze-strikes-west-18199694","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}