Extreme Weather: Intense Heat Dome Grips Country

Northeast, mid-Atlantic states brace for serious summer sizzler.
1:22 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for Extreme Weather: Intense Heat Dome Grips Country
Linzie, thank you so much. We move on to the extreme weather from heavy rain and flooding and building tonight a heat dome baking much of the east this week. Ginger zee on the extremes coming. Reporter: As the northeast and mid atlantic are bracing for a serious summer sizzler, the heat is proving dangerous. In portland, maine; five half marathon runners hospitalized with heat exhaustion. Out west, it's been a weekend under water. Festival goers in denver, running for cover, navigating water in the streets. The southeast, suffering that same soggy fate. With up to 9 inches falling throughout the weekend. Ginger is now with us on more on the heat dome. Big heat. We have excessive heat advisories for parts of eight states. This is going to expand as we go through the week. It's not just one day, it's the hot and the muggy. It will feel like 100 to 105. The actual temperatures, david, minneapolis included in this in the low 90s. D.C. Right there at 95 on tuesday. For example, philadelphia, one of the hottest spots going to be anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above average, but it will feel like almost 20. That's not just one day, two days, it's five days.

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{"id":19664883,"title":"Extreme Weather: Intense Heat Dome Grips Country","duration":"1:22","description":"Northeast, mid-Atlantic states brace for serious summer sizzler.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-intense-heat-dome-grips-country-19664883","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}