Extreme Weather Threatens American Neighborhoods

Looming threat of tornados, floods cripple already damaged communities across country.
3:10 | 05/31/13

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Transcript for Extreme Weather Threatens American Neighborhoods
as we close out this week of fierce tornadoes and the worst storms of the year. Let us show you now some new picture us, what a lot of americans are facing tonight. You never know when you round a corner and the waters are beginning to rise, like these in western missouri. And take a look at the raging fires in northern new mexico. While that entrenched and violent weather systemps spinning off twister after twister and abc's meteorologist ginger zee tells us the very latest at this moment. Ginger? Reporter: Diane, so quickly, the skies have gone dark here in oklahoma city. And here's what's happening. Strong storms have developed to our north and west, as this part of the nation pre for a dire situation ahead. Tonight, in central oklahoma, a particularly dangerous situation. A pdf tornado watch issued. And that means a 90% chance of two or more tornados. This, after another night of severe weather. Overnight, 16 tornado reports in three states. This one near broken arrow, oklahoma, caught on tape. There it is. Right there beside us. Get on the ground! Reporter: Tearing a six-mile path in the earth with wind speeds over 125 miles per hour. The running total keeps going up. Nearly 1,200 since the outbreak began. These storms are bringing come los sal rainfall, too. More than ten inches of rain has hit parts of the midwest this week. Some areas getting a month's worth of rain in one day. In arkansas, at least two dead and one missing. Dozens of high water rescues. I'm in wide city, arkansas, where rising flood watt earls have become a concern for this area. Cars just like the one behind me were swept off the road during the heavy rain. Reporter: Nearby, sheriff cody carpenter was found dead near a heavy flooded area. He was checking on a home after a 911 call. In towns along the missouri and mississippi, sandbagging. There are fears of river levels ten feet above normal. I plan on staying out here until we can't sandbag no more tonight. Reporter: Outside the tornado zone, both sides of the country are dealing with extreme heat. In new mexico, hundreds evacuate west of santa fe as a wild fire rages, over 1,000 acres. And hot, dry conditions are fueling the fire north of los angeles. More than 1,500 acres burned already. In the northeast, record-breaking hike temps and smothering humidity from d.C. To boston. Ginger, so many people battling this, night after night. When is the system going to move out? Reporter: I would love to tell you that oklahoma would be free and clear, but not tonight. Look with me here, diane. From here, up through tulsa, in and into parts of southern and central missouri, we're going to see towers. We all that a hard thunderstorm tower. That means the storms are popping very quickly. Tonight, the threat for tornadoes. Tomorrow, severe weather from western pennsylvania to still parts of texas. Diane? So, it is going to go on and ginger zee will be right there in the middle of it. We thank you so much.

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{"id":19301019,"title":"Extreme Weather Threatens American Neighborhoods","duration":"3:10","description":"Looming threat of tornados, floods cripple already damaged communities across country.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-threatens-american-neighborhoods-19301019","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}