Facebook is redesigning its security and privacy settings

Users will be able to delete or download every post, text or phone call that Facebook has tracked.
2:14 | 03/28/18

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Transcript for Facebook is redesigning its security and privacy settings
Next tonight, Facebook under fire. The company making major changes to your privacy settings, putting them all in one place. We're going to show you tonight, they say they hope it makes it easier to delete or download every post, picture and comment Facebook has ever tracked. We did it today with one of our producers, and what she found. Here's our chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. Reporter: Tonight, in the face of growing backlash, Facebook unveiling changes designed to make it easier for users to protect their privacy. You'll be able to download and understand more about what kind of data Facebook has on you and Facebook is going to make it easier to delete some of that data if you want to. Reporter: Instead of nearly 20 separate screens, you will soon be able to access settings through one page. Plus, a more straightforward way to delete anything you don't want in your Facebook profile, including apps, posts, photos and comments. Facebook already under fire this week after confirming it logs texts and calls for some android users. Access Facebook says those users allowed. And tonight, apple CEO Tim cook making news, telling recode, I wouldn't be in this situation. Something he hinted at when I asked him about the responsibility of tech companies to their users. It's the people that create the products that decide whether they are making products that do good or not, and there's a lot of good products that can be used in bad ways. Reporter: Tonight, Facebook is acknowledging it must do more to keep people informed. And for anyone who wants to see a copy of personal information they've shared on Facebook, go to facebook.com/settings from a desktop and click download for a copy of your Facebook data. I know a lot of you are thinking about this at home. Rebecca is with us. Our producer tried this today. What did you find? Reporter: She did, David. This is just some of the filings, she stopped printing to conserve paper. And in these documents, she's been a member of Facebook since 2006, she found phone numbers of friends she hasn't spoken to in the last decade. Well, now she has their numbers if she wants to call them again. Let me show this to you at home. This is the stack and she stopped printing to conserve paper? Reporter: This is just some of it. We'll have all of this online for people at home. Not her information, but tips for you to download yourself. Thanks, Rebecca. When we come back here this

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Users will be able to delete or download every post, text or phone call that Facebook has tracked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"54082322","title":"Facebook is redesigning its security and privacy settings","url":"/WNT/video/facebook-redesigning-security-privacy-settings-54082322"}