Facebook Releases Quarterly Earnings

Mark Zuckerberg's company made $1.18 billion since IPO.
1:31 | 07/26/12

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Transcript for Facebook Releases Quarterly Earnings
If you are watching the markets today, you saw it too. A big jolt. The dow up more than 200 points raising new life doo american 401(k)S. This as we got a first look at facebook's finances. Since that widely anticipated ipo back in may, mark have said little about what's going on behind the scenes there. But today, facebook released its first-ever quarterly earns. And abc's reporter has an inside look at the numbers. What exactly did we learn? S this a day we've been waiting for. We learned we met expectations. It grew to $1.18 billion. But that was not the block buster numbers that analysts had been hoping for. There is continued concern for the growth in the next few years. Something else we learned more than half the nearly 1 billion users on facebook log on through their smart phones. How is the company going to montize that? We didn't get a clear answer. That's why the stock is down nearly 10%. Despite that billion plus filg yur, big questions remain here. Not the best of news considering the rough ipo back in may. Terrible couple of months at company. At his peak it was $45 a share. We did the math, somebody bought it at 45 $45, lost 17.17 a share. It will open even lower tomorrow. Thank you. Now, overseas to syria. Where there is an exodus

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{"id":16866183,"title":"Facebook Releases Quarterly Earnings","duration":"1:31","description":"Mark Zuckerberg's company made $1.18 billion since IPO.","url":"/WNT/video/facebook-releases-quarterly-earnings-stock-drops-16866183","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}