Faces of Heroism, Generosity in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

"World News" thanks the many people who have stepped up to help however they can during this crisis.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Transcript for Faces of Heroism, Generosity in Wake of Hurricane Sandy
And finally tonight, we know in crisis, so many people give whatever they can. And you just saw it there. A rescue worker, who turned himself into a kind of human foot stool so that people could get onto that truck. And so, abc's david muir decided to give us a kind of gallery of people who came through and all those who are saying thank you to them tonight. Reporter: New mom julia, her husband duran and their new baby, micah, letting us know today, they're okay. Hey, david. As you can see, we're doing great. Really happy. Reporter: And like so many people today, they wanted just one thing. To say thank you. To the quiet samaritans, the nurses, who simply were doing their jobs and became the real heroes of the hurricane. Julia was in labor, having contractions inside that nshg hospital that went dark, lost power when the generators gave out. Desperate for an epidural in the darkness, a husband held a cell phone light as nurses went to work. So, I was standing, one of those flip phones, and I was holding it above her while she was putting in the iv and making sure there was enough light for the doctors behind her. Reporter: They were rushed out of the hospital, taken away in an ambulance. When they said they were headed to mt. Sinai hospital, he said, how do you get there? Part of a tree came crashing down on the ambulance. They got there, and 40 minutes later, baby micah was born. So, how is micah? Oh, he's beautiful. He's awesome. Reporter: There are so many families like them, touched by the kindness, the bravery of others. There's no words I have to thank them. Reporter: This mom and dad and their baby, just six hours old, were also carried out of that darkened hospital. Pretty amazing. Saw them just dripping with sweat and carrying women that couldn't walk down the stairs. Reporter: You were the welcoming committee. That's right. Reporter: This was the team waiting at mt. Sinai hospital, taking in patients. There's no practice for this, never. Reporter: No practice, but perseverance and pride in what they were doing in those dark hours. Happy ending, right? David muir, abc news, new york. And thank you so much for watching.

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{"id":17613092,"title":"Faces of Heroism, Generosity in Wake of Hurricane Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"\"World News\" thanks the many people who have stepped up to help however they can during this crisis.","url":"/WNT/video/faces-heroism-generosity-wake-hurricane-sandy-17613092","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}