Fall Brings Pumpkin Flavor Craze

Everything from cream cheese to vodka seems to have a pumpkin-flavored version.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Fall Brings Pumpkin Flavor Craze
And finally tonight, how do you feel? Is it time to say enough already with the pumpkin in vodka, in cream cheese? Abc's darren rovell on the great pumpkin craze. It's the great pumpkin! Reporter: Not since linus pulled an all-nighter has there been this much anticipation over a gourd. This is the first pumpkin spice latte of the year! Reporter: Every fall starbucktion into a frenzy. Grown men and women excited over a $4 foaming coffee? There's even real bidding on ebay for the special pumpkin latte sauce. 120 for two jugs! And it's not just coffee. Pumpkin marshmallows, pumpkin pop tarts, even some pumpkin vodka to wash it all down. Pumpkin muffins, hot out of the oven. Reporter: Stan frankenthaller is responsible for feeding the pumpkin craze. The executive chef at dunkin' donuts even has a word for it. We are going for a high level of pumpkinocity. We added four new pumpkin menu items just this year alone. We started with just the donut. We added muffins, then a latte. It just goes on and on. Reporter: Marketing experts say they've never seen anything like it. We've never seem pumpkin mentions on chain menus up 38% over the past two year. Reporter: An obsession. Pumpkin pringles, anyone? There's really nothing objectionable about pumpkin. Something very american about it. Reporter: Darren rovell, abc news, boston.

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{"id":17513221,"title":"Fall Brings Pumpkin Flavor Craze","duration":"3:00","description":"Everything from cream cheese to vodka seems to have a pumpkin-flavored version.","url":"/WNT/video/fall-brings-pumpkin-flavor-craze-17513221","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}