Families Search for Wedding Photos, Other Belongings

People search through destroyed homes looking to salvage irreplaceable heirlooms, mementos.
2:24 | 05/21/13

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Transcript for Families Search for Wedding Photos, Other Belongings
And there are so many other families poring over the fragments of their lives tonight. Abc's cecilia vega spent the day with them. Reporter: Good evening. They have been out here all day trying to piece together their lives. I want to show you what they're finding. Take a look at this. Somebody's keys they left behind. A little girl's pink tiara. A little girl's pants right here. This used to be somebody's house. Now they're just memories buried here in the rubble. Here in moore, oklahoma, block after block of devastation. Neighbors sift through mounds of rubble trying to salvage what little survived helping each other cram their memories into plastic bags. This is the scene all over this neighborhood. People's lives scattered all over these properties, there are toys, you can see here, strollers, their lives. Even family photos like this, a father and a mother and maybe their little girl. Online, a woman found debris in her front yard 100 miles away, set up a facebook page, a cyber lost and found. Baby pictures, even a sonogram, graduations, weddings, and "i love you" to mom. This photo of a kissing couple and a note from the person who found it. "Just hoping that the two in this photo are okay." It is a hope that is universal. But amid the wreckage, there is a look to the future. tony McGee is determined to rebuild a home he moved into just two weeks ago. God has his reason for everything, got to believe. Reporter: Just up the street, another story of lost and found. Her name is fly. She rode ought the storm all alone after her owners barely escaped to a shelter just two minutes before the twister hit. These two friends found fly just hours ago on the floorboard of her owner's car. On the driver's seat, sitting right there. We met a machine up the block here who told us he took shelter in his bathtub with his entire family. When they emerged, his house was gone. He found pieces of his life across his property. His christmas ornaments that had been in his attic, were in his driveway. These are the stories we're hearing as people are just trying to begin to put their lives back together.

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{"id":19228850,"title":"Families Search for Wedding Photos, Other Belongings","duration":"2:24","description":"People search through destroyed homes looking to salvage irreplaceable heirlooms, mementos.","url":"/WNT/video/families-search-wedding-photos-belongings-19228850","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}