Family Affair: Unlikely Suspects

An all-American family turned bank robbers as honor roll children allegedly help with heists.
3:00 | 11/18/12

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Transcript for Family Affair: Unlikely Suspects
We're going to turn now to that family accused of a string of bank robberies. Did the father recruit his children? Here's abc's mark greenblatt. Reporter: Look closely at the bank robbers in vests. Police sayre part of a father, son and daughter team, an entire family of criminals, suspected of holding up seven banks in at least two states. But ronald scott catt and son hayden were arrested in connection in an armed holdup outside houston. Investigators say that's hayden wearing a fake mustache. 18-year-old daughter abby is charged with driving the get away car. Both children, who lost their mother at a young age, were honor students back home in oregon. Hayden was a star on his high school swim team. Eric lundeen knew the family. He was a single dad. And he had the responsibility to take care of those kids and i got to tell you, scott was there for them. Reporter: But police now suspect the seemingly all american family robbed as many as five banks back in oregon. Before scott moved his kids to texas. It's a complete shock. They were really solid community members. These suspects were identified in crimestoppers tips. Reporter: Police say survey lens tape did them in when they were seen buying their disguises at a home depot. The family sits in jail tonight in texas. We found that the father has a long trail of money quotes, including a bankruptcy. Mark, thank you.

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{"id":17756241,"title":"Family Affair: Unlikely Suspects","duration":"3:00","description":"An all-American family turned bank robbers as honor roll children allegedly help with heists.","url":"/WNT/video/family-affair-suspects-17756241","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}