Family of American Man Held Hostage by Al Qaeda Breaks Silence

Warren Weinstein's family says their father has a heart condition and his health is deteriorating.
3:00 | 12/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family of American Man Held Hostage by Al Qaeda Breaks Silence
We turn now to an abc news exclusive, after that new video of an american husband and grandfather, kidnapped, believed to be held captive by al qaeda and his recent plea to president obama. Tonight, his wife and two daughters speaking out for the first time, sitting down with us just a short time ago. My name is warren weinstein. ReporteHIS VIDEO IS ALL Warren weinstein's family has to go on. The newly released images, the first proof in more than a year that this maryland husband, father and grandfather is still alive. His family says the 72-year-old was working as a consultant in lahore, pakistan. Working on community projects, helping to build their economy, when more than two years ago, gunmen stormed into his apartment and took him captive. It's now believed he's being held by al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri. Just days ago, this new tape, and on it, weinstein looks right into the camera with a message and an appeal to president obama. Mr. Obama, you're a family man. And so you understand the deep mental anxiety and anguish i have been experiencing in the past more than two years. Reporter: Late today, his wife, his two daughters, sitting down with us. They say their father suffers from a heart condition and his health is dedoor yoterioratideteriorating. His wife telling me it's been more than two and a half years without her husband. When he looked straight into that camera an said, "it seems i have been totally abandoned" -- I have been totally abandoned. And forgotten. I wanted to die, right there on the spot. Because he has no idea how hard we've tried to get him back. But there's nothing to do to get him back, because they don't really tell you what they want. I'd like to think that somebody can rescue him. Her husband makes an emotional plea to his family, saying, "i think about each and every one of you every moment of every day." Tomorrow morning here, their message to him and what they've told their grandchildren and what the state department is saying about this case. You can see the entire "gma" exclusive first thing in the morning, right here on "good morning america."

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{"id":21364381,"title":"Family of American Man Held Hostage by Al Qaeda Breaks Silence","duration":"3:00","description":"Warren Weinstein's family says their father has a heart condition and his health is deteriorating.","url":"/WNT/video/family-american-man-held-hostage-al-qaeda-breaks-21364381","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}