Family Scores Big-Bucks Touchdown on Game Day

Easy ways to save money when watching your favorite football team play.
2:45 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Family Scores Big-Bucks Touchdown on Game Day
Next tonight, real money team is back and ready for the weekend. All this week, they have been traveling across america, to help families save big money. Well, tonight, thousands of families hope to see their favorite football team play, but the average price for tickets is more than $313 for a family of four. So abc's paula faris will show you easy ways to get the seats and keep the money in your pocket. Reporter: You guys live and die by the cowboys. Absolutely ro. Reporter: They are life long fans of the dallas cowboys. On this particular sunday they would like to go to the game. Even take their grand kids, erica and caleb, but know the estimated $700 price tag would put their budgets in the red zone. Do you think there's any way you could get to the stadium without spending a lot of money? Not with the resources that we have. Parking. We think about food. We think about drinks. We think about a t-shirt. Reporter: It adds up. It adds up quick. Reporter: Our expert will flaherty is saying they can take it to the house for a fraction of the anticipated cost. Tip number one, buy your tickets close to game day on sites like seat geek.Com. We recommend waiting three days before the game, tickets like a loaf of bread or gallon of milk has an expiration date. Reporter: We searched for four tickets. There are tickets for as little at $15. Wow. I had no idea. No idea. Reporter: Does that surprise you? It does. It blows me away. Reporter: And look at this. We noticed seats in the same section six times the price they just found. One row closer is 111. Reporter: You're speechless. I am. Reporter: Tip two, buy your tickets online at park whiz.Com and save up to 70%. And finally, tip number three, if your stadium allows, bring in your own snacks. The harmons don't drop the ball on this opportunity to make family memories. Good catch! Reporter: Three days before the game, butch scores great seats. Okay, honey. I got them. Four tickets for $48 to sunday's game. Reporter: What they thought would break the bank cost them $557 less than expected. And that's real money. Reporter: While some stadiums are more lenient than others, when it comes to bringing in outside food, you always want to call your stadium ticket office or security to determine what you can bring to the game. Diane. Thank you, paula. And the whole real money team.

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{"id":20402737,"title":"Family Scores Big-Bucks Touchdown on Game Day","duration":"2:45","description":"Easy ways to save money when watching your favorite football team play.","url":"/WNT/video/family-scores-big-bucks-touchdown-game-day-20402737","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}