Fast Food Challenge Tests Time Savings, Impact on Wallet

David Zinczenko helps show you the real impact of take-out on your budget.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fast Food Challenge Tests Time Savings, Impact on Wallet
On tonight's "Real money," we tend to think a trip to the fast food drive-through will save time, even money. So, are you ready for the fast food challenge? Dave zinczenko shows how to keep the fast food money in your wallet. She has a confession to make. You eat out a lot, huh? Yeah. Reporter: This mommy blogger is leaving life in the fast food lane. Chinese takeout last night. Chicken fingers for lunch. Evelyn and her husband, nick, are spending $300 a week on fast food. You think it's faster to eat fast food? Right. Reporter: And so many families think so, too. But is it really saving them time? We decided to put a clock on it with Bradley Herron, executive chef at the genuine hospitality group. Nick and I are going to hit a drive-through. You're going to whip up something with chef Bradley, mom. And we're going to see who can do it faster. Here we go, one, two, three. And we're off. We're going to cut those into wedges. Reporter: Testing speed and cost. We head to the Molinas' favorite drive-through spot, just four miles away. They cook fast while we choose fast food at poyo tropical. By cutting it thin, it will cook quick. Reporter: Cutting the cooking time in half. While we're still waiting in line. And cooking fresh is always faster than defrosting. We finally order. Can I get a full chicken, with rice and beans? Reporter: And go through two more windows. 20 minutes. Come on. Reporter: To get our dinner. Thank you. Reporter: Who will win this fast food challenge? Home stretch. Reporter: Dad at 31 minutes. But mom wins it at just 22. I'm amazed. I'm really amazed. Reporter: And the cost, $22 for the drive-through. $12 for a home-cooked meal. I underestimated the amount of time I spend to go pick something up. Reporter: You saved like 50%. Right. Reporter: And you still have leftovers. Right. Reporter: Just by cutting the fast food habit by two dinners a week, the Molinas can save $2,200 this year. Reporter: And the captain of the challenge, Dave zinczenko is here. That's a lot of money saved on two meals a week. It is. It is $2,200 a year. This is a changed family, saving "Real money." You had a chef there. But anybody can try there, you can say. He kept it easy for them. They can continue it on after the fact. And she says she's going to? She says she's going to. And her husband, nick, says it's a win-win for everybave you here. We have "Real money" tips on ways to save at the grocery store. Just check them out at

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{"id":21630660,"title":"Fast Food Challenge Tests Time Savings, Impact on Wallet","duration":"3:00","description":"David Zinczenko helps show you the real impact of take-out on your budget.","url":"/WNT/video/fast-food-challenge-tests-time-savings-impact-wallet-21630660","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}